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Wait what about a courier

Since I signed no NDA’s and had no paper work passed on to me and the international is over I’m sure it’s safe to talk about this

Valve allowed the competing teams in the International 2 to have custom made couriers.

Evil Geniuses contacted us to make them a courier

we did

It was SUPPOSED to show up in the international along with the other teams couriers but as far as I could see it wasn’t in any of the broadcast matches.

if I’m correct there WAS some paper work being handled by Primrose. As far as I know we haven’t received the rest of the commission fee, which means we can sue for fraud. But we’d rather not make a big public spectacle of that for the teams sake.

I’ll get into the bad stuff now.

EG’s CEO is quite the unprofessional business worker, I was never contacted to sign NDA’s and/or actual contracts, as the concept artist and modeller for this courier I feel it’s more mine, Sparkwire’s and Primrose’s than it is EG’s.

I was also told all the couriers would be added to the DOTA 2 store after the international, but I have yet to see any news on this.

Now as far as revenue sharing was going, the team and the community creators would get a fair split 50/50, so was the plan for everyone else.

EG on the other hand was planning to take ALL of the royalties

we barely managed to negotiate 10 percent let alone 50 and I think they’ve gone back to taking all of the revenue now. (I’m still not up to date on this, a bit of speculation at this point)

Now Brandon Reinhart, the creator of the Steam Workshop, has personally handled EVERY SINGLE community contribution to make sure there is a fair 50/50 split with companies and collaborators. I trust everything will be sorted out when it comes to that.

However some of the chat logs Primrose saved from the Ceo discussions were “cringe worthy” to say the least.



I have received no new news on the matter.

I will however tag this under public tags so the rest of the dota community can see what kind of debacle we’ve got into

I have nothing against Evil Geniuses or it’s teams, we are only in this mess against the CEO. For the teams sake don’t make a big deal out of this.

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There is something horribly twisted about a moderator posting that cat.

ok good people can see it

there’s something weird with the uploader right now, my roommate apparently can’t upload anything and when I post it’ll show for a second, then vanish, then load something else

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get on my level noob

The downsides of fan-art.

For a long time I have been modeling, around two years now and one thing has always stuck out as being interesting, fanart. I decided a few months ago that I wanted to do some Enderbro (really cool tumblr) fan art so I did, what I did not expect was the amount of likes and followers I got from that, it was awesome! What was not awesome was the expectancies that come with that. It feels like if I do much other then Enderman fan art I won’t get much recognition which kind of sucks. It also creates an idea of who you are which is un-true, I don’t want people to follow me to think I am going to make constant Endermen or Minecraft stuff. This thought on fan art though has made it harder for me to actually try to do fan art for more things I like like Pokemon, anime, and a few shows. But, none of this would ever stop me from doing stuff I like and it is as simple as that.