Think of the things that happened,
The things that seemed so small.
Had you never learned to ride a bike,
Or had I never taken that hike,
Perhaps we’d have never met at all.

But maybe it was destiny.
Had we not met at the rendezvous,
Maybe we would have met elsewhere,
I think we would have met somewhere,
Like maybe at a zoo.

But how could you be happy,
If I am mentally ill?
While my mind is decaying
And the demons are preying.
And the knife over my head
Is swinging and swaying
Life for us will never be still.

But as I ask the question,
Why are you staying here
You shush me,
And say you are happy
And whisper in my ear

You whisper in my ear.

Of all the possible outcomes, I ended up with you.
Coincidence or fate, I don’t care what you call it,
I’m happy now and for ever, I hope that you are too.
It seems like it’ll last forever, if you are happy too.

—  Eduard Labonte ( duardbontela)