I make goodies for My Stuffed Bags, an awesome Los Angeles-based charity that makes duffel bags full of goodies for children placed in foster care around the US. They especially need some blankets. I’ve made them a ton of hats, and they’ll take anything kid-friendly (just check their website).

I really want to focus more on crafting for charity this month. Anyone down to do an informal KAL/CAL? You know you want to do some acrylic stash-busting!

Let’s get a running list of the charities you needlecraft for! Reblog with the charity you love.  :)


This week’s #TPT is more realistic than last week’s, but still a little misleading. It reminds me of this image from the National Optical Astronomy Observatory, but that image is actually a combination of observations from different telescopes:

This enhanced image of the Moon was taken with the NOAO Mosaic CCD  camera using two of the National Science Foundation’s telescopes  located at Kitt Peak National Observatory near Tucson, AZ.

The image of the Moon itself was taken through the U-band filter at  the 0.9-meter telescope.  It is superimposed on a deep R-band image  of the background sky taken at the Mayall 4-meter telescope.  This  composite image demonstrates the large field of view of the 0.9-meter  telescope when using Mosaic, a view that covers more than five times  the area of the Moon.  It furnishes this large field of view without  sacrificing high resolution - details as small as a few kilometers  across can be seen on the lunar surface.

The pedantic astronomer inside me screams “You can’t actually see stars so close to the full Moon!!!1!!!” but the startorialist in me says, “Ooooooh, pretty! Shut up, pedantic astronomer Emily.”

The duvet cover is by Shannon Clark for DENY designs and available at Urban Outfitters.