I finally, finally, FINALLY finished my crazy shot cotton quilt. Over a thousand pieces, 68 different colors, 80” x 86”. I initially thought I would list it for sale but I don’t think I’m going to; I’m over $200 just in materials, and the amount of time I spent on it is exorbitant. I can’t think of anyone who wants to take out a loan to buy it so I’ll just keep it on my own bed as a continuous reminder of how awesome I am and also that life is too short to spend many tens of hours piecing tiny blocks together into a quilt that now costs thirty-seven thousand dollars.

Crib-sized affordable version for sale here.


I’ve finally put my winter blanket on. The low for tonight is 2°. This blanket is 40+ years old and was made by my Great Grammy. You probably have noticed that it looks lumpy. It is. What the hell is that in the second picture? Are those blanket tentacles?? Basically, yes. They’re nylons. This whole blanket is stuffed with nylons. 40+ year old nylons. Great Gram saved every pair regardless of holes or runs, and then, this blanket was born. I would guess it weighs close to 10 lbs. She also crocheted the blanket you guys normally see in my photos. Yeah, the really terrible one.