Something for the Cake Brothers

Quilliriam: Silly Pound, not everypony wants to transform you in weird things!

OOC: I really like how this turned out. This is something i wanted to do for my friend, the moderator of the blog of Miss Cake. Dont worry, i have not forget about the story of Lord of Madness, we will continue it soon!

Come back!

OOC: Hello! Welcome! Do you want a different hair style? Easy! Give me your pony to draw and i will get very desesperate whit her/his hair that i will try to do whatever i can in my desesperation!

In few time, your pony will have a new hair style because i will never have the patience to make the original one!


*cries in a corner*

Anyway, this was made whit the base of my friend ~bluesugarplum

You can find it here: