New Quilled Paper Anatomy by Lisa Nilsson 

Paper artist Lisa Nilsson (previously) recently completed a number of new anatomical pieces using her profoundly incredible skill with quilling, a tedious process where paper is tightly wound into small rolls and then assembled into larger artworks. The natural formation of the paper coupled with Nilsson’s ability to identify the precise materials to mimic organic structures makes each artwork appear uncannily like actual cross-sections of humans and animals. The artist has a number of new works currently on display at the Boston Art Gallery as part of the exhibition Teaching the Body: Artistic Anatomy in the American Academy through March 31, 2013.


Upstanding Lettering

Yulia Brodskaya is well-known for her paper graphics or ‘quilling’ (rolled paper glued on it’s edge). The ‘O’above was created for Oprah’s magazine which also featured an article about Yulia and her work.

She revealled that since she’d designed the cover of a holiday supplement for The Guardian newspaper (UK) in 2008, she’s “never been out of work since”. She also said that she’d like to do more “live” pieces where people can see the work itself, not just photos of it. This seems to have happened this year when she created a huge installation in Shanghai.

See an earlier post about Yulia’s work


So… based of this nice graphic by expression-over-impression, i tried 2 do a little arty thing

  • im an abysmal photographer it looks cooler irl i swear
  • 3mm wide paper and black thread used 
  • its about 13.5cmx6cm so the microphone is about as big as my fingernail
  • …i tried

more notes about the thing if u clickk on the pictures


It’s been over a year since we last checked in on the beautiful work of Russian paper artist and graphic designer Yulia Brodskaya (previously featured here), who creates vibrant, lyrical illustrations using quilling or paper filigree as well as other sculptural techniques. Brodskaya has been experimenting with paper quilling for over six years and now, in addition to progressing with her personal artwork, creates high-profile commissions for people and companies such as fashion designer Issey Miyake, Godiva chocolates, an Paramount films.

Visit Yulia Brodskaya’s website to check out more of her work, both professional and personal. She’s also featured in the wonderful new book Paper Cut: An Exploration Into the Contemporary World of Papercraft Art and Illustration compiled by paper artist Owen Gildersleeve [Buy on Amazon].

[via Colossal]

Swirly (quilled) Paper Flowers

I found instructables more than a year ago while I was searching for paper flower tutorials and I was amazed to find out all these amazing flower tutorials in this site.

After a long time I’ve finally decided to post a paper flower ible as soon as I saw these paper flowers on a facebook page. I wasn’t sure what to name this flower, though it looked quite similar to Saccharum spontaneum (kans grass), but as this flower has a lot of swirls I named it ‘swirly paper flower’.


Paper Reefs

Some artists use materials related to the subjects they paint when creating art pieces, but artist Amy Eisenfeld Genser doesn’t pick up found object at her local beach when she creates her reef pieces. She takes pieces of coloured paper, rolls them up, and positions them in a way that the final outcome looks like a natural formation of barnacles or sea sponge.

Her pieces are visually mesmerizing, with a hint of something magical! It is like entering into a new world when you look at her work. The mosaic of shapes and colours created by the rolled paper, juxtaposed onto an already painted canvas, stimulates the senses. The artist herself claims her work is both irregular and ordered, using texture to mimic natural motifs.

It is amazing how paper, a material traditionally made from trees, can be manipulated to recreate the basic structures of a reef, which to some, may be considered a tree of the sea. Nature once again creates a connection within itself through art practices.

-Anna Paluch