Day 35 of #100daysofhappy 11/8/14: Woke up wonderfully this morning. Went to the Fashion Show Mall & shopped at Forever Twennywun. Treated Mom & sis to Olive Garden. Then later I went to the Quiksilver store meeting. It was lovely seeing everyone all at once. I had a disposable film camera & I cannot wait to see how all the pictures turned out! It was a fun meeting tbqh. I think it’s safe to say that I love my #quikfam Afterwards, long drives with Beana, Gabby & Dayton. Then Beans & I went to karaoke with everyone else. That was a fun time. We left & I got to visit Jelly, Jackie, and Stacen at another karaoke bar. I loved seeing them💕 even though I only saw them for four minutes. Still ☺ P.S. I stole two photos from Snapchat. #100daysofhappyzareva

Quik Life: Learning How to Ride a Bike

As some of you may know from a previous post, my coworkers and I came up with a bucket list of things that we would like to achieve/do before the year 2012 is over. The other day, we were able to check off another item on the list: teaching our coworker Sam how to ride a bike. Yes, she doesn’t know how to ride a bike, but the fact that we as a team wanted to teach her was pretty awesome. How many people can say their coworkers would be down to do that? These are the moments that make me realize how blessed I am to be working where I am. The people I have gotten to meet and work with in the past 7 months have been able to give me experiences and teach me all about life. It’s these moments and events that I cherish and humble myself upon. Yes, I can ride a bike, but by trying to teach someone else and/or watch others teach people how to ride a bike is such a humbling experience. Overall, the day was awesome and I hope to do this again soon:]

I told Hannah that I’ve never had a boyfriend before & that I haven’t had my first kiss yet. She was so shocked. She said, “But Zareva! You are a real catch! You’re perfect! You’re a pink Starburst in a world of yellow Starbursts!” That made me really happy.

Last night’s sunset definitely doesn’t need a filter. Huge thank you to everyone who came out last night! You’re just another reason that proves how blessed I am to have such awesome coworkers who I can consider my friends and family. You all have taught me to work hard and play even harder and I cannot be more thankful. Big hugs and kisses to each and every one of you:) #quikfam