DIY $8 Modern Concrete Lamp Tutorial from HomeMade Modern. Excellent video and written tutorial at the link. I have used concrete/Quikcrete for stepping stones, modern art sculptures, etc… Quikcrete sets up quickly and isn’t as hard to use as real concrete - but the bags are really heavy.


Project #1 done! We re-did our one-car garage floor in the hopes of turning it into a man-cave space since we don’t use it for cars. We will purposely leave a few of the dings and scratches on the walls as he doesn’t want it too “pretty” since it’s a man room. I’d say it went rather well for under $100. We can also use it for cars one day should we want to.

Materials used:

  • Quikcrete Epoxy for floors in tan color. Purchased at Lowe’s for $75. Also comes with instructional DVD, stuff to clean the floor with, and optional color flakes (which we used as they will help hide dirt and wear and tear on the floor giving it a longer life).
  • Two-inch paint brush- used for corners and edges about $2
  • Three and a half inch roller about $3
  • Long handle for roller about $3
  • Paint tray about $2
  • Long scrub brush about $15
  • Broom we already had around the house
  • Elbow grease
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Concrete Coffee Table

This is greatest accomplished with two men and women. It is damn heavy (45kg or so).

Component one: Develop concrete table best
This was the internet site I utilized for my inspiration.

Materials necessary:
Ready to combine concrete (I used Quikcrete 5000 — utilized for fence posts, and so forth)
Mixing bucket, rubber gloves, mixing shovel, wire mesh

Get some MDF board (melamine) (Smooth Shelving materials) and create a mold for the size on the table you want.  This table is 24″ x 38″ and about 1.5″ thick. Use screws to connect the pieces and place some caulk on the seams.

Mix concrete and cover total mold until finally it is about half filled. Location wire mesh in, and place remainder of concrete in.

Screed to consider off the extra concrete and degree the concrete.
Use a rubber mallet to tap the mold on the sides and underneath to remove air bubbles (This is super essential as it takes out the “bug holes” and provides you the smooth top). Utilizing an orbital sander to vibrate the mold is also really efficient.

Allow set for three days.

Unscrew the slides off the mold and lightly sand the edges to get off any burrs. Flip over so you can consider off the major melamine a search at the table prime!

I then took some of the porter cement to fill in the holes/gaps on the sides. A great deal of it ended up coming off with the ultimate sand, but worthwhile to make the edges look smoother.

Do a last sand (220 grit) of the best.

Apply a stone sealer (granite sealer operates great) following the directions on the container.

Component two: Base
Purchase an Ikea LACK coffee table and install with no the leading.
Consider some 1×2′s and plane them down to about 3/4″ or 5/8″. Attach on leading employing woodglue and screws.
I utilized 2.5′ brackets (8 essential) to help solidify the base and end some side to side motion.

Spot table top onto base and position into location where it is centered. Use marker to outline exactly where it rests with edge of frame. Flip table prime above and glue stoppers made of 1×2 near people markings.  This is only truly necessary for when you have to move the table to get the table best centered again. It will not shift on the base.

Location table top back on back & Voila – finished table!

Ceramic candle dish operates as bathroom shelving

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DIY Star Wars Concrete Death Star Vase and Stormtrooper Knob Tutorial from HomeMade Modern here... because nothing says “flowers” like the Death Star. These are made out of Quikrete (which I’ve used for stepping stones) and silicone ice trays ($13.50 for the Death Star here and $9.85 for the Stormtrooper Tray here). I don’t think their Quikrete link is right because it’s opening up to the grittier heavy duty version.

Concrete Coffee Table

This is best done with 2 people. It’s damn heavy (45kg or so). Part 1: Create concrete table top This was the website I used for my inspiration. Materials needed: Ready to mix concrete (I used Quikcrete 5000 — used for fence posts, etc) Mixing bucket, rubber gloves, mixing shovel, wire mesh Buy some MDF [&hellip

from IKEA Hackers http://ift.tt/1r8Vtpw