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And of course I have to show off my new glasses…  I picked them up after the doctor today since I have time before I need to be at work.  (Took a half day and got out of the doctor way quicker than I thought)

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Not that I know of. And I’m not sure if you’ll be able to find anything on Mara’s style, since she was never fighting on screen.

I have another post (I forget who replied to me) where someone mentioned that Mara fighting style was very athletic, similar to Ahsoka, at least to a certain extent… Well, I’ll do some more research and hopefully get enough info to go on.

Done with the procedure! My stomach lining was a little redder than usual so they’re gonna biopsy it and get back to me in a week. They’re going to test for H. Pylori. Hopefully that will give us some answers, but now we know it isn’t ulcers so that’s good. But everyone was super nice and it was way quicker than I thought. One of the tech guys was super hott too so that was nice 😊 and now I CAN EAT!

Thank you everyone who prayed for me and sent encouraging messages! I seriously appreciate it.

S2 of the X Files was much easier to watch than S1.  There are far fewer episodes I’d recommend skipping.  Although if you read a description and it really appeals, it wouldn’t be the worst thing you’ve ever watched.

(Except for “3″ - 2x07.  Note to self: never watch that episode again.  It’s just so very very bad.  It’d be easy to blame it on the fact that Scully wasn’t in the ep (GA was off having a baby.  Marvel as they try to hide her in giant lab coats for the first few eps of S2. XD), but pretty sure it would have been crap even with her in it.  Also F. Emasculata is super pointless.)

1. Little Green Men *
2. The Host
3. Blood
4. Sleepless  
5. Duane Barry *
6. Ascension *
7. 3 
8. One Breath *
9. Firewalker
10. Red Museum
11. Excelsis Dei
12. Aubrey
13. Irresistible 
14. Die Hand Die Verletzt
15. Fresh Bones
16. Colony *
17. End Game *
18. Fearful Symmetry
19. Død Kalm
20. Humbug
21. The Calusari
22. F. Emasculata
23. Soft Light
24. Our Town
25. Anasazi *

* Mythology eps.

Seriously though, “3″ is horrible.  Murky nonsense attempting to be vampire erotica.  And people are lured into it because Ascension ends on a cliffhanger.  Suckers!  That plot doesn’t get picked back up until One Breath.

                  to no surprise, shane had opted to make the
                  run alone. he was better that way, QUICKER.
                  there  was no one to  look out for, no  one to
                  WORRY about. he had just reached the town,
                  making a  beeline  for  the pharmacy. it would
                  be quick, an in-and-out sort of thing. entering
                  the store, his gaze fell on a   F A M I L I A R
                  figure, causing shane to stop in his tracks and
                  let out an almost FRUSTRATED sigh.

                 ❛thought you was gonna stay back at the farm. i TOLD
                           you there wasn’t no need in comin’.❜

Yay for NSV's!

I had a couple of non scale victories yesterday:

- A pair of jeans that I couldn’t fit into a few weeks ago now fit!

- There is a very steep hill near my house and when out for a walk I would always go the opposite way so I didn’t have to walk up the hill. I have been forcing myself to walk up it most days for the past 2 weeks and yesterday I noticed a drastic difference in how I felt when I got to the top. While still a little out of breathe, I didn’t feel the burning sensation in my lungs that I felt when I first started walking up it! And I recovered way quicker. Noticing that you are getting fitter is a great feeling.

y-shtola HELLA RANDOM….but I guess I somehow ended up joining that  chat rp guild on gaia, idk when it happened but that’s besides the point. Anyway, I decided to actually check it out and I was looking at some of their forum topics and one of the topics was “why have chat rps started dying way quicker?” and the OP wrote about how back in the day the eps lasted way longer AND THEY MENTIONED HOW WAYG?! HAD LIKE A FEW THOUSAND PAGES AND I WAS SITTING HERE LIKE “YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT IT DID. WAYG?! WAS THE FUCKING KING OF THE LONG LASTING CHAT RPS.”

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How do you deal with all the stress? I'm only in year 10 atm and I know you probably have it a lot harder but I find that the academic side of school's been making me really depressed and idkhsusj

Hi :) It does get stressful from time to time and I can tell you that I’ve had a few breakdowns this year because of coursework deadlines and so on. I dealt with this by talking to friends, they can really help bringing you back up to a place where you’re in a better state to handle things.
At one point where one particular assignment was stressing me out, I prioritised it above everything else and worked on it nonstop till it was absolutely done. Working hard to get things that are causing stress out of the way quicker means you feel relief a lot sooner too.
Luckily for me, I’ve never felt it too badly though and have managed to overcome the low points eventually - if anyone has any advice to share with anon please just add to this! Thank you
Hope this helps! Sadika x

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if deemos 'seventeen' how old do u think the deast from otgw series is? like, twently somethin??


You see, I believe that Deemo and the Beast are roughly the same age, since they both belong to/are the Limbo, and I envision the Limbo to be a vast place with many different parts. It is likely that Deemo is not the only Guardian, merely another part of it with consciousness. 

The trick is, however, that Beast has ‘gained’ consciousness much, much sooner than Deemo. Or at least to me it seems, like he has been around for ancient times. In difference to this, Deemo only started existing ‘properly’ at around the medieval ages.

So while physically they’d be the same age, mentally beast is a (possibly 20 year old) adult while deemo is an impressionable 7 year old kiddo.

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It's khejalat 'bekesh', dear, we don't say "khejalat bashi" in Persian.

omg you’re right. i knew it started with a be and had two syllables. of course, i wouldn’t remember how to say this phrase, because i *have* no shame.

you see, dear followers? this is why you don’t act all high and mighty like me. cuz one day (or in my case, many days) you’ll be wrong lol.

(the diaspora has many wounds, and one of them is language lolololol)

My 2nd Grade Year: Why I Have Issues

Teacher: There are multiple ways of solving a problem.

Me: I figured out a new way to solve it.

Teacher: Follow the instructions or get out of my classroom!

Teacher: Show your work.

Me: I did!

Teacher: You need to show every step you took numerically.

Me: It only took two steps!

Teacher: It should’ve taken five.

Me: I know. I found a quicker way to do it!

Teacher: You’re not supposed to learn that method until middle school. Also, you need to draw a picture of the problem and write at least three sentences explaining how you solved it.

Me: But it’s numbers! Words and pictures just make it confusing!

Teacher: I don’t have time of students who won’t learn! Go to the office!

Two hours later…

Teacher: Are you paying attention?

Me: Yes.

Teacher: No you’re not! You’re not looking at me!

Me: But I’m listening! You can quiz me!

Teacher: Don’t talk back! You’re distracting the other students! Go back to the office!

The next day:

Other Kids: You’re an idiot! You can’t even look at things right!

Me: Teacher! They’re bullying me!

Teacher: You need to learn to take constructive criticism. If you knew how to work with others, this wouldn’t happen.

Other Kids: Stupid tattletale…


Teacher: So, bullying is wrong. You shouldn’t insult people for being different! Creativity is good and hypocrisy is bad!

Me: Teacher, you’re a bully and a hypocrite.

Teacher: *Decides that the principal can’t handle this brat and sends her to a small room where she is guarded at all times.*

Me: *Has claustrophobic panic attack*

Teacher: If you keep throwing tantrums, you’re just going to have to stay there longer.

Autistic Support: Maybe you should lighten up a bit. She’s been crying in the bathroom for half an hour, didn’t eat lunch, and hasn’t slept in a week due to recurring nightmares.

Teacher: It’s not my fault if her parents don’t discipline her enough. Kids these days…So entitled…

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which is more damaging - cigarettes, alcohol or starvation? both mentally and physically?

I would imagine starvation. Definitely not cigarettes as they do not affect you mentally (apart from the addiction) and for a lot of people the physical effects aren’t severe (although it does depend how long you smoke for and how many etc). However, obviously cancer is a possibility from smoking, but it’s not a definite.

Where alcohol is concerned, again, it depends. If you are using alcohol in a moderate way, it probably isn’t going to effect your health. The chances of ill health increase with the amount of alcohol you are drinking. And if you are an alcoholic, it’s going to affect you mentally and physically. It can increase anxiety and depression. A dependency to alcohol can also affect you socially. 

I think that starvation affects you in a negative way quicker than either of the other two. Again, it depends on the severity as to how much damage it can cause, and can effect you very much physically and mentally (and socially). 

The difference with starvation is that alcohol can be used moderately and not pose a health risk. Having the odd cigarette now and again is also unlikely to cause long term damage. But you can’t dabble around in starvation and expect to not have mental and physical repercussions - whether they are short term or long term.

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Different anon.. If you ever do want to tag multiple confessions.. You can go to your mass post editor and select a bunch of posts at once and add a tag to them. So if you ever want to do it, that's a quicker, easier way. :) but of course you don't have to!

You may have just saved my life. 

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So I'm only 5ft tall and 103lbs but I have a muffin top. And I just started working out but is there a quicker way to replace that muffin top with muscles

Working out, drinking lots of water and eating well are your best bets :)

Also, it bears mentioning that there’s no quicker way to get 50 bucks out of me than to tell me “See that giant robot on the game box? You get to pilot it.”