And of course since I can’t just do one project. (that raft floatie thing is driving me bananas) I start 2 more builds. The port lot is going to be a tackle shop with house boat and the other lot is going to be a sort of beach bum house. It’s actually what the raft was going to be for. 

Going to make some lunch and try and change the raft again (100th time). Going to add a stick so it will match the hand animation. 

And before I forget. Sorry for the anon kitty gif. It just always makes me laugh when I get asked that question. I do collaborations with these guys sometimes and I tag them because I want them to see what I’m working on. It’s just quicker that way. That’s it. 

So this is KIND OF what I meant with dimming down the quality of my art for Loner Dash.

Believe me or not, but this was rushed. RD there is sketched and then coloured. I roughly added in a couple bits of shading. I even turned my stabilizer on SAI down to 0! Honestly the photoshop effects and filters were the ones that helped this picture out the most.

The background was half-arsed, which my backgrounds on Loner Dash will probably be from now on. I put too much unnecessary detail into them backgrounds. XD I think I should save those backgrounds for Klausen and Reina.

But yeah, you know what? It doesn’t look bad! I might even start working on the next Loner Dash update just to test this “rushed” technique out.

I’ve been feeling way more motivated lately, so I’m totally up for it! :D

Things I want to see before One Piece ends: Zoro and Sanji getting drunk together and ending up arm in arm whilst singing an emotional rendition of the Sogeking theme.

I don’t know if this is something Chinese learners learn early on, but when you see sales signs that say 九折, that doesn’t mean 90% off, it means 10% off. 

Following on from that, 八五折 is 15% off, 七五折 is 25% off, etc. It’s pretty easy to remember actually, because the numbers just indicate how much of the original price you pay. So 九折 means you’re paying 90% of the pre-sales price. 

i just realized toki’s hands are too short im _(;3

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