Actual conversation between me and my mother.

Mom: his a fag right? *points to the TV*

Me: ….yeah.

A pause.

Me: do you have to say fag? people don’t like to be called that.

mom stares at me in shock.

Mom: really? My god, I didn’t know. I will never say it again, I’m sorry.


Mom: what should I say?

Me: Gay, homosexual.

Mom: alright.

My mom is in her 40s and for her that was that. Just because you grow up with a different word or that not many people were openly gay before doesn’t mean you can just keep living in the past.

The world is changing, people who doesn’t accept that can just go to hell.


I am so sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I was fiddling around with the photo editor, since it is cold and crappy outside.  

****None of the original photos are mine. Credit to the artists.

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