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it’s going to be a VERY exciting few weeks for the mindcrack fandom! we have the group in london for a week and also, uhc started today!

just a quick reminder: please tag anything that has to do with uhc (to be considerate to the folks who don’t want to have spoilers) and remember to blacklist the tags!

myself, i’m tagging it as: uhc 21, uhc spoilers, mindcrack uhc


//quick reminder that ‘theoretically’ Doffy should have at least one ‘spare set’ of sunglasses…

^ those are the red ones we saw shatter but…

… what about the purple ones..? Or purple 2.0 with the funky temple design…

… now what if he has those still stored somewhere in his coat..? Would it take another three years to break the spare glasses? :D

The GoldisBlood Saga

Introducing the GoldisBlood Saga! Every month on the 30th the saga will be updated with this image and be posted to the GoldisBlood Saga page.

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- This is were the first three biggest fans of goldisblood will be posted each month with their blog name recognizing their immeasurable ferocity.

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- This is were the first three cities with the largest goldisblood fan count will be posted recognizing them as the largest strongholds for goldisblood!

Quick Reminder: GoldisBlood is more than thankful for everyone's support out there for this blog, this is just a fun little tradition GoldisBlood hopes to start. We thank everyone for their support and love, everyone of you have made this blog a dream come true and GoldisBlood couldn’t have done it without you! 

Happy Plundering!

Hey pals, it’s me! Again! It’s Facebones again oh boy

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Dear Tony Abbott,

You’ve said on more than one occasion that legalizing same-sex marriage is a ‘definitional thing’ for you. That for you, marriage means between a man and a woman.

For you. Not for Australia. Just a quick reminder that your job isn’t to look out for you, its to look out for Australians, so with that in mind just quickly Tone, what the fuck is wrong with you?

Sadly you have a lot of influence in passing bills that change the laws in our country however your opinion is irrelevant when it comes to talking about an issue like marriage equality. It is not your job to let your personal opinion on marriage affect a bill that more than 70% of our country are in support of. It is your job to stand up for Australian people, it is your job to fight for what Australian people want and need and what we overwhelmingly want and need is for the bill on marriage equality to pass.

As a young Australian I am mortified that we are the only western country not to be riding that magical rainbow unicorn of marriage equality. Mortified, embarrassed and frankly angry because you see Tony, its gone past the point of a discussion now. We are past the point of having a conversation about marriage equality in Australia.

Australian’s don’t need a conversation, we need action and we need change.

We are tired of you blatantly ignoring what Australian’s want. There is no logical argument that you could ever put forward to argue against marriage equality. Catholicism is irrelevant, marriage has long shed its ties to religion. So what? What is the reason behind your opinions on marriage equality? If you truly are ‘in favour of people having loving permanent relationships’ like you have previously stated then why not allow those people in loving permanent relationships the same rights as straight couples?

Some of the people who I love most on this earth are gay and it breaks my heart that they cannot have a legal marriage in this country simply because they identify as the same gender. The people we love will always subconsciously shape us in some way and its inconceivable to me that you grew into the man you are, with the opinions you have with a gay sister alongside you. How did this happen? What happened to you along the way for you to so strongly believe that your own sister, your own blood, doesn’t deserve the same rights as you do simply because she loves a woman.

Tony, where do you think you can go from here? Because you seem to just want to run backwards with your fingers in your ears and a blindfold on and let’s be honest mate, that is no way to run a country.

This issue isn’t going away. Australian’s are not going to suddenly stop fighting for marriage equality because our Prime Minister disagrees. How long are you going to make Australian’s fight for this? There are so many more of us than you and even though this is all about the rainbow of equality the answer is completely black and white.

Pass the bill for marriage equality. Let your party members voice their own opinions. Stop being so afraid of change, stop being so afraid of youth, stop being so afraid of different. Running away won’t make it go away just like embracing it won’t kill you.

heyo quick reminder for pride season:
  • aesxuals can have datemates of a different gender
  • bisexuals can have datemates of a different gender
  • pansexuals can have datemates of a different gender 
  • so can homoflexibles, polysexuals, aromantics, or questioning people
  • if you see what you presume to be a ‘straight couple’ at pride and you’re gonna try to “call them out”:
  • THE 
  • ABOVE 
  • FACTS 
  • also a reminder that trans and nonbinary people go to pride 
  • yes, pride is for trans and nonbinary people
  • and any people who are not cis, heteromantic and heterosexual.
  • not just homosexuals 
  • if you see a ‘straight’ couple whilst at pride, please remember:
  • ARE 

this has been a PSA

Public service announcement




Steven Bomb 2 sets off this week!

Quick reminder that there is going to be a new episode every day this week all the way from Monday to Friday at 6:00pm (Eastern Time)! Here is the beatdown:

Monday, June 15 - Sworn to the Sword - Connie wants to learn sword fighting.

Tuesday, June 16 - Rising Tides/Crashing Skies - Ronaldo investigates the gems.

Wednesday, June 17 - Keeping It Together - Steven and the Crystal Gems discover a dark secret upon revisiting the Kindergarten.

Thursday, June 18 - We Need to Talk - Greg explains how he learned of gem fusion.

Friday, June 19 - Chille Tid - The gems and Steven have a slumber party.

Let’s hope we survive this one!

He created us in pairs ~

I think as humans, we require & search for that other person in our lives who we want to keep close & keep forevever. This is perfectly normal & it’s in our fitrah as humans to want & need companionship. However, beautiful things like the union of two souls cannot be brought together by force or by rushing. It is all done in perfect timing & is done with the help of your Lord. He himself has told us that we are made in pairs, which means there is someone out there for everyone, who will love everything about you, will take care of you & will want to spend the rest of their life with you in this world & in Jannah. But you have to wait for that moment & it will be worthwhile, so place your trust in God & always know that he plans greater than any of us.

“But they plan, and Allah plans & Allah is the best of planners.” -[8:30]