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Cosplay Question!: Do you know where Courtney bought/made/found her AppleJack Cosplay? And where did you get your Rarity wig? Also that person who threatened you is a buttface, no one should threaten my favorite cosplayer >:I

She got most of the pieces for her costume from thrift stores, which is what I did too. My Rarity wig is from eBay, I found it just by searching for “curly purple wig.” (Since it was just MLP cosplay, I didn’t really care about getting a good-quality wig, but this one was decent quality, cheap, and it worked pretty well. Otherwise Arda has a lot of lovely curly wigs that would work wonders for Rarity!)

Hope that helps! And thank you, that person was all kinds of cray, I’m not too worried about it though. :)

Time to blog some positive stuff
  • I love my acting class; I’m so glad that I decided to take it this semester. I can tell it’s going to be an important outlet for me. I’ve always felt more comfortable on stage than in real life, and so far I’m really enjoying being silly for a bit on a couple afternoons a week.
  • I’m still enjoying cooking, a lot.
  • I’m getting back to exercise regularly, and enjoying it as well.
  • My friends are still awesome. Much thanks to my BFFs Kris and Christa, as well as my friends at Halforums. Without all of them I’d be much worse off.
  • My parents are being very supportive. They may not really understand me a lot of the time, but they’re trying very hard, and they’re doing a lot to make sure things keep rolling in my life.
  • My group psych meetings on Thursday are great. Wonderful people to get to chat with. I don’t know what I’d do without that outlet.

I will be on queue next week because I am going on vacation. I’ll miss live blogging but it’s only a week so, yeah..

Doesn’t it make you guys sad that school is almost here. Well it makes me sad. :(

When Fall Out Boy announced their reunion earlier this year, they had serious doubts whether anyone would really care. The emo movement is long over, their young fans have grown up and their solo careers were largely dead on arrival. Despite all that, the band is experiencing a rather stunning renaissance. 

Web of Lies | Lorelei + Open

Lorelei muttered a string of curses under her breath as she ducked into a shadowy corner, hoping the cover would buy her some time. She needed the moment to think, to recover and fix her situation. Not an hour earlier, things had been going to her plan, as usual, and she was about to walk away with a large sum of money that she had persuaded from a random man of wealth. Unfortunately, the same money had been already promised to some man named Loan Shark, and Lorelei quickly learned that this man held a code of vengeance, especially through violence.

And so after discretely handing off the money to a servant, Lorelei ran, drawing the pursuit of the Shark’s men. She loathed that turning around and ending the chase then and there wasn’t an option, but it would only draw too much attention to her. If she were to eventually be able to overtake the Avengers, her anonymity must remain intact. Still, this was taking much too long, and she would soon grow tedious of this game of evasion. Perhaps it would end it soon, as evidence by the quick footsteps approaching her hiding spot.

It sounded like only a single runner. Lorelei readied her blade, deciding that a single kill would not cause too much trouble. As the runner neared, she pounced, swinging her arm in a tight circle, the blade aimed for a quick and clean execution.