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For D’Angelo’s disciples, last night’s intimate Brooklyn Bowl show was a chance to see an artist defined by distance and mystery up close.

I might be late on this, not sure, but go here and watch your morning turn into 4pm.  The scheme Questlove describes in his Allen Iverson story is pretty much how Magic Johnson contracted HIV.  The Pharell story is long as fuck but pretty good,  as is the Williams Sisters story, the Bobby Brown story, the MF Doom story, the Puffy story where Mos Def ethers Puff at the Lyricist Lounge show and the Charlie Murphy story where Quest talks about the Chappelle show spinoff staring Charlie and Donnell Rawlings (Ashy Larry) that never saw the light of day.

I’m legitimately upset after reading the Charlie Murphy story.  Neal Brennan is a genius for that pilot.  Fuck Comedy Central for passing on a show whose season finale was:

a test of wills: both charlie and donnell would be thrown into a rikers island hole with neither side knowing when the other cries uncle and whoever can last the longest wins 100k.

LMAO!!! WHAT?!!!  Can you imagine the levels of comedy reached? Ugh…