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Week 21

Jewel 1 you’ll find when you have
learned to thank Mr. Roboto.
Then remember his band, and seek where they stand,
in their student body grotto.

Jewel 2 in hue and feel is cool
as a disciple’s drink,
described in Matthew 10:42.
Past the counter, have a think.

Jewel 3’s easy when you remember
everyone needs a break.
Now ask yourself, if forced to dance
What Would Jesus Shake?

luggs123 asked:

Hey Daniel! I've been a fan of yours for a while now (probably for at least three questers of a year, maybe even more) and I would like to thank you for all the entertainment you've brought in your voice acting, your animations and your sketches! Even when my cousins from abroad visited, I showed them some of your videos and they loved it! Keep doing what you're doing, and I wish you the best of luck in your life endeavors! Cheers! :D



We updated the Side Quests Quester bios for Jeff and Jer!

We’re also working on putting together a pitch and show Bible for the series to show Butch Hartman (met him a few months ago, he gave me his contact information and expressed interest in helping Jeff and I with our pitches). So while detailing and outlining the series we decided to type up much better descriptions of our main characters and the dynamic between them.


Quester’s Quest: Page 19

Okay, so I’ve missed a few updates, and I feel as though I need to talk about some things. Mainly, that Quester’s Quest is something that I find a great difficulty coming back to work on, because - and this isn’t indicative of any kind of show of interest or lack thereof by anyone - it doesn’t feel like something I’m giving my all to.

Quester’s Quest is going to go on hiatus until after the new year, and I will be posting updates when I come back. I need to take a good, long look at the strip going forward, and try my best to make it what I’ve wanted it to be since I started it.

Quester’s Quest is a sprite-based webcomic. Art assets used with permission from Oryx Design Lab. Composition, Writing, and Sprite Edits by Brent Cosman.



I’m not a quester or a searcher for the truth. I don’t really think there is one answer, so I never went looking for it. My impulse is less questing and more playful. I like trying on ideas and ways of life and religious approaches. I’m just not a good candidate for conversion.


What it is that draws you to this “trying on” of other existences?


Oh, intellectual energy and curiosity, I suppose. An inborn interest in various and alternative ways of doing things and thinking about them.

That could be part of what led me to write more about possible worlds than about the actual one. And, in a deeper sense, what led me to write fiction, maybe. A novelist is always “trying on” other people.

…in the Paris Review