Ari tagged me OTL

  1. what’s your name? - Arius
  2. when’s your birthday? - October
  3. where are you from? - I would say the most accurate answer is NC
  4. have a crush - I’m dating my crush
  5. what’s your favorite color? - Forest Green
  6. write something in all caps? - TAKE AN ECONOMICS COURSE!
  7. got a favorite band/artist? - Pink Floyd
  8. favorite number? - e^(i(pi)) - 1
  9. favorite drink? - Mountain Dew
  10. tag ten people


Everything thrifted except tie clip, pants, and shoes

Blazer-Brooks Brothers, $8

French Cuff shirt-Brooks Brothers, $3.75

Vest-From the Young Men’s shop in town, thrifted for $4


Tie clip-my professor made it for me!

Pocket square (it has shoes on it!)-$.25

Chinos-Tommy Hilfiger, $32ish

Shoes-ALDO, $110 (but I had a gift card so only $60)

My opinion on "I'm tired of the dapper butch thing."

I don’t feel like writing my paper right now so I’m getting angsty.

So basically what some people are saying is that by dressing “how rich white men dress” is perpetuating the “rich white man” agenda and such…

This irks me for a couple of reasons

TL;DR: I should be able to dress however I want and NOT have it reflect a white pastime. 

1. When you say, “this is how rich white men dress”, you are saying, “you’re not rich, white, or a man so you can’t do that and if you do it’s bad.” So how do you want me to dress? Like a poor black woman? Would that make you more comfortable? This argument reminds me of a story I heard a while back about black males not wanting to be teachers because they never had black male teachers. Well that explains a lot. No representation because there isn’t any representation will result in STILL NO REPRESENTATION. Someone has to take the leap, be the first, etc. So because historically speaking rich white men have been dressing “dapper”. Thus, you, black butch you, should not not dress like that…because we butches are not like them…we’re not as good.

2. They look nice so why can’t I look nice? Why can’t I want to wear Brooks Brothers or Polo or Gant or whatever costs money? Why are those items reserved for the white elite? I should be able to dress however I want and NOT have it reflect a white pastime. 

3. Non-white non-men non-rich people have been dressing “dapper” for just as long as “rich white men”. Yet, we like to glaze over this part of history and give minorities no credit for establishing their own style. This dapper style belongs to white men, get over yourselves butches. 

Comments are always welcome


wiwt, haven’t done one in a while because I haven’t left the house in a while…

Blazer: Brooks Brothers, thrifted, $8 (plus $35 to get the shoulders tailored)

Shirt: Polo Ralph Lauren, thrifted, $3.75

Chinos: Tommy Hilfiger, outlet store, $32 (plus $12 to get the legs tapered)

Loafers: Cole Haan, outlet store, $40 (on sale)

Belt: Tommy Hilfiger, outlet store, $32