look like. i can disengage from queer angst sadstuck shit pretty easily when its just like random conjecture but canon is. a whole nother deal

but people who get all ‘think of the children!’ when you mention putting queer characters in kids shows piss me off so much

because I am thinking of the children

the queer children who are living in a world that tells them they are wrong at every turn, that denies their existence and refuses to allow them a happy ending

I’m thinking of those children

no but heres the thing

everytime i talk to someone i’m constantly listening for phrases and behaviors that will tell me they’re queerphobic

i’m on my guard all the time, even with my family and friends, because it’s the only way i know to keep myself safe

so when queer people talk about how fucking ridiculous heterophobia is it’s because you’re literally comparing fearing for your safety 24/7 to getting your fee fees hurt on the internet

Dear Cis People:

Please stop describing yourself as having “accepted” your assigned gender. You just happen by CHANCE to match it, and saying you accept it implies that trans people are all just being fussy. And STOP putting cis in those contemptuous commas! (i.e. “cis”) It’s rude. It implies that you’d rather say “normal” and you’re not normal, there is no normal and to imply that there is is the single most othering thing.

people ‘coming out’ as trivial shit like bronies and fanfiction writers are so fucking annoying

we literally risk murder, homelessness, abuse and loss of rights for coming out, it is so incredibly dangerous and people are so fucking brave for doing it

and then people treat it as something they can just co-opt and its just about spilling an embarrassing hobby and just fuck you fuck you so much

i just want queer people to fucking invade every fucking piece of media

i want conservative parents fucking squirming as their kids realise that queer people fucking exist

i want the radio to be full of songs which we can relate to and cishet people can’t

i want tonnes of young adult books for all the kids who are finding themselves, so that they can find people like them in their stories

i want queer princesses and queer super heroes, i want queer comedies and queer dramas

i want queer representation

and i don;t want white cis gay boys in all of them either that is not fucking representation

we deserve better

[Image Description: Image is of a light-skinned person from behind who is flicking off the camera. They are seated in a lawn chair at night and they wear a denim vest which reads Queers 4 Satan. Underneath that saying is a pink baphomet. Their hair is about to the length of the nape of their neck and it is mint green, blue and blonde. They also have a braided grey and black rat tail hanging down their shoulder. End image description.]

this was taken by my lovely friend Sarah at her house when she had a party. because sometimes i go to those.

I’m just done with ~implied~ queerness, with ‘nods’ to queer fans, with speculation and almosts and queerbaiting in all its forms

I am done with subpar representation and breadcrumbs

I want canon queer characters and I want them now


Photo 1 -Gender Neutral bathroom, written over Women.
Photo 2- Men’s bathroom.

Trans inclusive feminism is creating a gender neutral bathroom.

Patriarchy is giving men their own and making “women, etc.” share.

Btw this is the ONLY gender neutral bathroom I’ve seen at the venue.

This pisses me off more having it the way they do over not having it at all. This says you’re either a man or a woman either way.

enchantment to be seen as the gender you identify with

you can use this spell to enchant basically anything, and wearing the charm on your person will cause people to see you as the gender with which you identify. this was specifically written for trans ppl (since i don’t see a reason why a cis person would need it?), and since it functions as a glamour it only works on OTHER ppl’s perceptions of you, not your own.


  • an item to enchant (something with a flat surface works best, because you’re going to be drawing a sigil on it)
  • a small paintbrush/toothpick/make up brush (you will be using this to draw the sigil)
  • “other people see my gender for what it truly is” sigil
  • eyebright (an herb to perceive the truth and cut thru illusions)
  • a heat-safe container of some kind
  • water
  • a microwave/tea kettle


  1. heat up the water, probably about 2 minutes in the microwave or till your kettle starts steaming. add the water to your eyebright and steep for 5 minutes. as it steeps, envision your intention for the tisane: imagine that the eyebright allows others to see thru the “illusion” of your assigned gender and recognize the gender you truly are.
  2. after this is done, take your brush (or whatever utensil you’re using to draw your sigil), dip it in the tisane, and paint the sigil below onto the surface of the object you intend to enchant.
  3. as you draw your sigil, clearly visualize your intention. imagine other people greeting you with your correct name and pronouns, gendering you correctly, or any other image that makes you feel safe and happy in your gender and your body. let those images enter your mind, then turn them into balls of light and imagine them filling the charm with energy.
  4. let your charm dry, then wear on your person at all times to receive the full results. if you feel like your enchantment is becoming weaker, you can charge it by re-drawing the sigil and repeating the steps above.