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Apparently it is LGBT selfie month, and lesbian day was either yesterday or today depending on whether you are following the rules set by anti-feminism-pro-equality or not.  I elected to not follow their rules because go away anti-feminism.  I also elected to post something that is not even a selfie, because a.) I do what I want and b.) if I had taken this picture myself you would NOT BE ABLE TO SEE MY SHOES AND THOSE SHOES ARE MY FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD LOOK HOW SHINY OMG SHOES.  This is the outfit I wore to a wedding last week and I couldn’t stop gloating over my shoes the whole time.  

Anyway, this picture was taken by my wife.  My lesbian wife.   Whom I lesbian-married.  Because I am a lesbian.  Go lesbians.


My ongoing Viva La Femme series. I aim to celebrate and uplift women of color from all over the world through my art and my creative brand!! Please share my ladies with the world!! ♡ Support my fundraiser campaign to share my Art!! Like me on Facebook and check out my Website for more info about my art!!! ♡


The 2015 Viva la Femme Calendar will be released this summer!!! I’m so excited, it will be launched along with a bunch of other fun things. It’s dated from August 2014 to July 2015. Perfect for a fun summer, and back to school. As always, thank you for all your love and support for the Little Ms. Aprill brand. Keep up with me here on my blog, Facebook, and instagram for more details about release dates. I will be sure to keep you all posted–but here is a fun preview!! :)

These are now available!! Message me on my Facebook Art Page Here to order your very own!! They are $30. Please send me your shipping address and email address in your message, and I will send you an invoice for your order. The invoice will include the shipping cost, and all orders $50 or more - the SHIPPING IS FREE :) 

Femme is perpetually misunderstood and remains cloaked in silence and invisibility. Femme is a glitter-filled explosion of the gender binary. On a daily basis queer femmes must confront the pain of invisibility: we know what it feels like to be dismissed and not taken seriously, to have our very lives, families, and Identities questioned by queers and straights alike.
—  Sassafras Lowrey - Visible: A Femmethology, Vol 1

Hi all, my name is Little Ms. Aprill. Shown above is my ongoing Viva La Femme series. I am an artist that aims to celebrate and uplift women of color from all over the world through my art and my creative brand!! I dream to expand this brand, so that it can reach girls all over the world and inspire them to be their best selves. I still really need YOU in the process of reaching out to make this dream happen!

I still really need your funding help!! I’m raising funds to expand my brand by this summer!! I’m working hard to produce a line of bags, cosmetics, stickers, jewelry, pins, brooches, clothing, notebooks, mugs, prints, original artwork, and so much more!! However to do this, I need funding, to help cover the cost the production, marketing, packaging, and printing of all these fabulous femme items!!

My work aims to show beautiful, uplifting, inspiring pieces that embrace and celebrate women of color from all over the world. In order to share my artwork with the world, I need your help!! If everyone donates $1, it will greatly help me reach my $3,000 goal!! Help viva la femme go global!!!  

I only have 45 days left and counting!!! 

Please donate, and share my ladies with the world!! 

♡ Support me on Facebook and check out my Website for more info about art!!! ♡

I identify as a queer femme because, to me, the term “lesbian” assumes that there are two genders to be attracted to: female or male… and I believe gender often manifests itself in a spectrum and variety of ways that go beyond male and female.

Paulina Hernandez


Hi Friends, my brand is steadily expanding. I’m a small business owner hoping to share my art with the masses one step at a time…I now have lots of fun products, and it’s steadily growing, all in an effort to show more positive representation for women of color everywhere from all over the globe! I currently have lined notebooks, buttons, pocket mirrors, desktop re-usable 2015 calendars that start this August 2014, wristlets, and clutches, and totes available for ordering, just message me here for details.  Please share and help spread the word about my art. We deserve to take up space, be celebrated, and empowered!! 

Little Ms. Aprill