Hello Wonderful New Followers!

Good evening tumblr world!  I wanted to take a few moments and welcome my newest followers: chrissynik, iheartnayamarie, swineflusam, queenspearls, maggleek8.


Hello and welcome to my blog!  You have made a very wide decision in following!  Here you will find not only entertaining anecdotes that hopefully you will reblog to your own followers, but also insightful information that might provide you with knowledge you had yet to acquire.   I truly did not expect such an outpouring of love and admiration for my blog.  I am so rarely appreciated at school and this such a welcomed change!  I will be forever grateful for your support!  

I do request that if you have yet to follow my boyfriend, please do so immediately! He is currently grounded for an unfortunate lapse in judgment (which occurred several years prior to this unfair punishment)  and I know that new followers and questions (kind ones) would most certainly brighten his spirits (part of the punishment actually forbids us from seeing one another essentially making us star-crossed lovers, which sounds far more romantic than it actually is!)


You will not regret it. He is the most wonderful boyfriend ever.

Here is also a link to my wonderful fellow Glee Clubbers. Also, please feel free to stop by anytime! I love conversing with new people and while my ask box often malfunctions, if you send me a message two or three times I am likely to get at least one of them.