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Hm, so cruel to a lady like me, She slurred, leaning against him slightly. Yeah, Stitch-face. You have stitches all over, so why not on your face?

"I do not give any sex dominion over the other, If you disrespect me prepare to be disrespected." He spat at her, as she touched him. He would smack her and most likely kill her if she wasn’t his boss. How dare she touch him, he preferred the company of Hidan if he wanted to be around a woman.. what the hell was he saying?

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The brunette looked at all the different people in front of her. “Uwah, so many people! Have you all come for a fortune? Please sit down, ask me a question and you’ll know your future!” The miko giggled, gesturing them to sit down on the pillows on the ground.

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*slaps butt* Pass this onto the next five people on your dash so that everybody’s booty be banging and the love bongo of butts can fill our hearts. //Oh hey there. o3o So sorry but not really

"W-w-what’s the meaning of this?! Who are you?!"

//hi hi!! ^^ HAHAHA fem!madara?? interesting owo


Padraig was doing some training and was very much pushing his body to the limit. The field he was training is had large craters in the ground and many tree’s had holes in them and were torn apart and other had there limbs on fire. 

He fell the ground in exhaustion and started taking exhausted breaths.of air. He looked up and sown that someone was approaching but he was dizzy as well as tired and couldn’t make out who it was.

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Midame tilted his head at the presence of a powerful chakra. “Hello.” He bowed politely. “My name is Midame Inchino.” He smiled widely, a slight tilt to his head. “May I know yours?”

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"Hi hi~!" Haru greeted from where he was watering the flowers. Or used to be water the flowers at least…