3/31/95 I was a second grader, getting home from school mom was waiting for me at the bus stop, and back when 99.1 kick fm was the tejano station in the DFW, nothing but selena songs we’re playing, my mom said to me I need to tell you something as she was teary eyed she tells me that selena had passed away earlier that day, & as any little girl this woman was my idol I broke down and she hugged me, I didn’t want to believe it was true , locked myself in my room with my little black boom box playing her songs and just having my grief, staring at her posters on my wall wondering how something like this happened to such an angel. she was just so loving, not one selfish bone in her body.. today is the 19th anniversary of her death , and as always she’s remembered , the legend , the queen
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Never another selena #selenaquintanilla #queenoftexmex