queenofsquirrely said:

If your mom could be any of the races from Mass Effect or Dragon Age which one would she want to be and why?

So I just managed to weasel an answer out of her (two days later). From Dragon Age, she’d want to be a human rogue - it’s the rogue that’s the clincher here, not so much the race part, except that she thinks she’d make a bad elf (she would) and doesn’t want to be short (ruling out dwarves).

As for Mass Effect (and this shouldn’t surprise anyone), she said that being a sky-scraper sized spaceship would be pretty cool, but if she has to be a boring race, she wants to be a space wizard.

queenofsquirrely said:

Due to your drunken indiscretions last night I find myself daydreaming about plying you with alcohol till you were in my bed.

((oh man, Burke would never let himself be seen like that xD it was totally oocly that I posted that, but let’s go with it!))


Burke raised a brow.

"I assure you, what happened was by no means…a thing of normalcy. The bottle I had opened was…particularly well-aged. I had not expected it. And that is as far as it will go, my dear."

Let’s see, going by the pedantic definition of “possessive” rather than “covetous” or “envious”…

I’m a pretty jealous girlfriend, actually. I recognize that my jealousy comes from my own lack of self-esteem and not from any actual threat, but it’s there.

Also, nobody touches my computer or my books or my knitting projects. I get panicky and worry about them getting ruined. I’m pretty free with disposable things like makeup and clothing, but those things aren’t important to me, so…

queenofsquirrely said:

Her eyes go wide before she can hide it. Surprise slips and and she wonders for a moment what he'll do. Nothing shocks her as much as the kiss. It brings a surprised flush in her cheeks followed by an embarrassed chuckle she smothers with a cough. She tilts how cowgirl hat and slings a modified rifle over one shoulder. "You take it easy now, Burk. I'll see you later."

"Indeed," was all he said, noting her surprise with a sly smirk.

queenofsquirrely said:

(( Hehe, but it was totally amusing. Thanks for running with it! )) ~~~~She gives a slow shrug and leans back, “Too bad. You are awfully adorable when you let yourself be.” She reaches forward and gives his tie a tug. “Cheers, Burke.”

((oh absolutely - the thought -alone- of being that free with a state of drunkenness is enough to make the poor man cringe xD))


Burke raised a brow as his tie was briefly toyed with, catching her hand in his. From behind tortoiseshell glasses, he eyed her with a raised brow.

"While I appreciate the sentiment my dear, it does not do for a man like myself to be so wanton in his actions."

A hint of a grin and he brought her hand to his lips.

"Cheers indeed."

With that, he released her.