High School Playoff Basketball on the Eastern Shore!

Took this picture 15 minutes before game time. Basically everyone showed up just in time for the game or a little after tip off.

The game was Queen Anne’s versus Parkside.

Having not watched a single minute of boy's high school basketball here on the Shore, I honestly did not know what to expect.

Luckily, one of my buddies, a writer for a local online basketball site, was there to back me up.

He gave me info on both squads: who was good for each team, which players needed some seasoning, which team was going to win (he said Parkside barely).

As the game tipped off, I was seating comfortably in the bleachers and as I was sitting there, I immediately thought about tweeting updates.

Just as I reached my hand into my pocket where my phone was, I realized it had died on me on my way to the game.

Lost my moment to connect with my followers.

If ever there was a phone that went from being loved to hated in less than a week, it is my phone. Thing was playing dead or alive with me the past five days but anyways, what was I talking about….

As the game got underway, Parkside’s length was already starting to pose a problem and they pretty much dominated Queen Anne’s from that point on.

I did get to see some alley oop dunks and the ultimate high school basketball highlight: seeing a parent berate an official to the point where he wouldn’t look our way the whole entire game.

The QA coach, bless his heart, tried to implore his team to keep trying; giving those rah-rah type of speeches, but they did not work AT ALL.

Parkside ended up winning 79-64.

With the game over and interviews done, I went to my car and thought about the first couple of paragraphs for my article.

And I got out my car charger.

Calling all history lovers

The lovely lizzie278 gave some amazing historical books which I have now ordered but I was wondering if anyone knew of any good books involving the following (please no Gregory/Worth/Hicks)

  • Isabel Neville, Duchess of Clarence

  • Catherine Of Aragon

  • Elizabeth ‘Bessie’ Blount

  • Mary Boleyn

  • Anne Boleyn (nothing that insists she committed incest because there is no evidence and it irritates me ~looking at you PG)

  • Jane Boleyn, Lady Rochford (again, please don’t offer books that make her out to be the worst woman/wife ever)

  • Catherine Howard

If anyone knows of any good books, please share!

harritudur queenanne-boleyn theanneboleynfiles >>> Sorry for tagging you guys.

Thank you!!! :)


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