whenever you feel like you’re losing faith in Swan Queen, just remember this: the Swan Queen fandom is like Henry back in season one, we all believe in something with all our hearts but everyone else tells us we’re delusional

and guess what, Henry was right

and he proved everyone else wrong

Today is Transgender Day of Visibility.

It is a day where we highlight and celebrate trans women, men and other gender transgressors who fall outside the binary.

However, today is NOT about drag queens.

While many trans people find themselves through drag, it is not intrinsically a trans expression.

Drag queens wear womanhood as a costume for the sake of entertainment and parody.

Trans people do not. Trans women are women, though many also see us as performers.

We do not need cis people to demand inclusion on a day that is about us. Inclusion is good only until it dilutes the original purpose of the day.

Trans people are a part of every community in the world, and we deserve recognition.

Please don’t work to take that away, especially if you call yourself an ally.

Episode 5

Hello my children! I know I posted the six part link a little but ago but other links finally went up for those of us who are lazy and/or on mobile and can’t load tons of video. As always AdBlockPlus is recommended for optimal viewing and untucked will go up on youtube tomorrow! I’ll post non youtube links of that as soon as I find them but since logo is slow to upload it probably won’t be until tomorrow evening before they pop up. HAPPY VIEWING!!!!