Learning this on guitar made me relove it, well done to Green Day on their induction to the rock and roll hall of fame :)


See, I go out to have a damn dinner with my husband and fucking fandom explodes.

First things first. I set up a Special Wedding Series link on my Top5 posts in the navigation menu. Before you send me any questions, thoughts or additional evidence….please be sure to read ALL my Olicity wedding posts. Chances are I’ve already answered you question, reviewed the evidence or analyzed the same theory.

Alright folks I’m caught up. TVLine saw a preview of 3x20 and released and article here. Tiffany Vogt of TV Watcher tweeted out spoilers of her episode preview.  MORE SPOILERS….

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swan queen over the seasons

season 1: unhealthy levels of tension

season 2: realization of feelings, not knowing whether they’d be reciprocated or not

season 3A: jealousy and denial of feelings

season 3B: internal struggle to get over seemingly unreciprocated feelings (one has a soulmate, the other a pirate)

season 4A: tension, uneasiness, regret

season 4B: willingness to form friendship in an attempt to fully move on from faint remains of hope only for it to backfire and lead to the resurface of feelings that came back stronger than ever


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Nicole Beharie, ladies and gentlemen :) WOW! The heart and soul of this woman is GORGEOUS! 


A short 3x20 spec fic. Tagging smoakinamell dumplingnooona olicitykisses sentence-fragments justanother90sbaby amellthirst olicittys thearoy cityofolicity skcolicity 0nifs2 nikkibeckettcsm queensagents oliversjonas dontaskmetosay-idontloveyou simplewenny clarasfelicity ladymalfoi thinkolicity nikkibeckettcsm

Felicity didn’t want to open her eyes. Open her eyes and it might all be gone. He might be gone. Had he left already to join the League? Did they finally get to enjoy each other before everything ended again?

Her thoughts were soothed as she felt his hand on her stomach, pulling her closer to him. Felicity leaned into him. Oliver kissed her neck gently, and she sighed in contentment.

“Hi,” he whispered, breath hot against her ear. 

Felicity could feel a warm flush creeping across her face, and she flipped over to face Oliver.

Oliver couldn’t help but stare at her as she faced him. She was just as beautiful as he had pictured, as he had hoped. God, she was perfect. 

“So…that happened,” said Felicity breathlessly.

Oliver kissed her forehead. “Yes it did. Is that okay?”

Felicity nodded quickly. “Very. Very okay. Well, more than just okay, actually it was amazing. Mind blowing, actually, like wow I didn’t even know that I could bend like that and you and your tongue and really you can shut me up anytime,” she babbled.

Oliver leaned in, his eyes darkening like they had last night. “Gladly.” He kissed her, gentler than he had last night but still incredibly passionate. 

Felicity pulled away a few moments later, breathless. “Promise me that you’ll come back. Promise me that this time, it isn’t an ending.”

Oliver brushed back her hair, loose and messy, from her face. Her blue eyes sparkled hopefully as she stared at him. “I promise.”

This time, she knew he was telling the truth. He did mean it. He would finish up business with Ra’s, doing whatever it took to come home to her. And nearly three weeks later, he did come home, and he would spend the rest of his life promising her over and over again that he would always return to her. Always.