* breathes heavily *

d i p p e r

Character tag thingy

I got tagged by landofneonandclockwork to do a fav character list thing so…

1.(starting with homestuck, i could make them all homestuck but i’ll shoot for some diversity) Dave Strider 

2.(Steven Universe) Amethyst

3.(Adventure Time) Marceline the Vampire Queen 

4.(Gravity Falls) Mable (she’s basically me.)

5.(Homestuck, fuck it i tried to only put one.) Karkat

6. (Panty and Stocking) Brief 

7. (Portal 2) Potato GLaDOS 

8.(Pokemon) Azumarill (specifically the perfect iv bred one I spent days on and named Liv Tyler, can i do that? yeah i can that Azumarill with fuck you up)

9.(Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure) Iggy (I’ll be honest I haven’t read nor watched that far into jba but my boyfriend says there’s a talking fighting Boston terrier  so that’s gotta be the best thing)

10. (Legend of Zelda) Midna 

ok common themes, assholes, nerds, and bad ass scary bitches, huh. anyway i tag kkaylakaylebthelostflamingobutternut-squishredhood69ravenssnesttselchiidhdonttouchmyprincessparts,  sammiisaredpandatsukkinami, and karkatvantas124 to do this too