29 April 1915: Letter to Father from Kingston Camp. Kingston, ON

In this letter home Fred asks about his brother Arthur, who had recently been home in Elm Creek visiting. He wants to know if his parents have heard yet when Arthur will be going overseas to war, and joking about a recent photo where his brother “looks better and fatter than he has for years. It’s that lazy officer life”.

Fred talks about a visit that he made with the 26th Battery to Queen’s University to hear the president of the University of Toronto speak. Apparently about half the student population of Queen’s were enlisted in the military and on their way to join the front lines of the war. Approximately 1500 students from Queen’s served in WWI.

He asks about the farm, curious to know how the planting is going and commenting on wheat prices. He also expresses a wish to “get in shape more quickly” so he can do his part for the war effort. This letter is signed “Fred D. Baragar (26th battery, C.F.A.)”

**C.F.A. stands for Canadian Field Artillery