Yayyyy the full video. Queen did good.

2014 BET Hip-Hop Awards: “I Wanna Be Down”

Brandy, Age 35
MC Lyte, Age 44
Yo-Yo, Age 43
Queen Latifah, Age 44

SLAY. EVERYTHING!!!  They all look so goooood!!!

If I could have three wishes for R&B music, my first would be for a new girl group with En Vogue-level vocals to really hit it big.  Then I would ask for a new Janet album.  Lastly, I would want Brandy to make an enormous comeback because nobody in music sounds as good as Brandy does live.  She consistently gives me goosebumps.  Every year, she gets better and better and more stunning too.

This is everything.  I didn’t even know this happened until it started making the rounds on Facebook.  I knew what was coming and I still couldn’t stop jumping up and down (on the inside, because I’m at work, and I have to keep it cute and professional).  Something about Queen Latifah rapping again made my soul sing.

They look and sound so good.  Bless this excellence.


Be sure to watch Bessie tonight on HBO! Great performances and a great film from writer/director Dee Rees (Pariah). They don’t shy away from showing the queer aspects of both Bessie Smith and Ma Rainey’s lives. Queen Latifah better win all the awards for her amazing performance. Mo’Nique is back and better than ever. Khandi Alexander will break your heart. Michael Kenneth Williams gets to showcase that intensity we all love and Mike Epps is a rock. It’s just a damn good movie.


HBO’s film on blues singer Bessie Smith starring Queen Latifah will premiere on May 16.

Latifah stars in Bessie as the Empress of the Blues, one of the most successful recording artists of the 1920s. Latifah recorded many of Smith’s better-known songs for the film, and a soundtrack release is expected.

At the winter Television Critics Association press conferences, Latifah said she was glad the project took 22 years to get made. “When the project came my way, I don’t think I had the life journey that went along with it. I got to live more of the blues,” she said.

Directed by Dee Rees, the film focuses on Smith escaping her turbulent personal life to become one of the first major blues stars. She died after a car accident in 1937 at the age of 43.

Mo'Nique stars as blues legend Ma Rainey and Bryan Greenberg portrays John Hammond, the Columbia Records executive who signed Smith. The film also stars Michael Kenneth Williams, Khandi Alexander, Tory Kittles, Mike Epps, Oliver Platt and Charles S. Dutton. Evyen Klean is the music supervisor.