Nahua Traje from Hidalgo Mexico by Teyacapan on Flickr.

Nahua Traje from Hidalgo Mexico

This ensemble comes from San Francisco Atotonilco in the state of Hidalgo. It consists of a headcloth, a quechquemitl cape, a shoulder bag, and a skirt. The opening piece at the new exhibition on the arts and crafts of Hidalgo at the MAP (Museo de Arte Popular) in Mexico City. Atotonilco is in the municipio of Acaxochitlan and was formerly called San Francisco Chapantla. I did some research about the community yesterday and learned that the town was founded by 40 families that were bilingual in Nahuatl and Totonac. I don’t know whether Totonac is still spoken by the people of Atotonilco.