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Dance-noise-whatever madness on NYE. I’m the bloke behind the drumkit.

You can’t really hear the contact mic-ed floor tom (which I ran through a Buzz Box) in the video but yeah it was there, buzzing and glitching its way through most of the set.

The video’s pretty good too; makes our set sound better than it actually was!

"It’s from Quasimidi, especially made for me. It’s shaped like the "Big Moog". Essentially, it’s seven independent Polymorphs, which is a kind of a rebuild of the old Moog sequencer: it also has eight steps in three different rows. For instance I can use one for filtering, one for the envelope and so on, whatever I want. In addition, the new Big Wall includes seven Rave-O-Lution 309 drum computers, each with five MIDI channels, the fifth being the sequencer for synth sounds.
The Rave-O-Lutions are used for rhythm: bass, drums and percussion, whilst the Polymorphs do all the real sequencer work. The whole unit is linked with a rack-mounted “Live Clock” that handles program changes and the MIDI clock to synchronize the whole unit.”