I can't believe it's been two weeks

But sure enough, it really has been that long since the little one decided to make her entrance into the world. Forgive a proud papa for glowing just a little bit, but especially now that we’re settling into life here in New York.

Today is a big day!

First of all, a Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! Mine has already started off wonderfully thanks to my Valentine surprising me a little early. And then tonight is the show; I can’t wait to see everyone coming— let’s hope opening night is a success.

I’m a bit nervous.

A Few Years Ago || Quartie

Quinn could see her breath. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been able to do that, since Los Angeles winters were nothing like New York ones. Having spent her entire life a California girl, with leisurely people in their lazy traffic and their chill, laid-back attitudes, this place was an absolute wonder. So fast-pace, with everyone needing to be somewhere so quickly. It was intimidating, yes, even to Quinn, who had always been notoriously strong-willed. She fought her way through a crowd which she couldn’t tell were leaving or entering the Bloomingdales that she was trying so hard to go into. She, her sister, and her mother had come for the Rockettes, and stayed for the shopping. 

Christmas shopping, to be exact. On this December 20th evening, the twinkling lights in the city, the overplayed holiday classics blaring through speakers definitely set the mood. Quinn figured she’d get all of her gifts out of the way before traveling back to L.A., so everyone she knew would have something from this unforgettable trip. So far, she’d been fortunate enough to find boots for Frannie, a necklace for her mother, and countless others, but the one gift missing was for Puck, her boyfriend. Sure, they’d only been together not even two months, but he was important to her, as of now. She could love him. And he, a guitar-playing singer who often performed on the corners of the city,  was always complaining about his cold hands. 

Quinn made her way through Bloomingdales, pushing past crowds of people, running into small children, and growing painfully claustrophobic, but those black gloves across the way were just screaming her boyfriend’s name. And, by the hands of fate, they weren’t snatched up into the madness just yet. Quinn made her way, and, without even looking, tugged them off of the hook. She was admittedly surprised, though, when the gloves tugged back. Quinn whipped her head around to find that there was someone else who’d had the gloves in mind, as well. “Oh, I’m sorry.” She fumbled to let go and surrender them to the person who’d grabbed them. It was in true holiday fashion of her to not be selfish and entitled to something as silly as gloves. She made a move to grab another pair, to find that that had been the last one. Oh, well. There were bound to be more black gloves in this store, in this city…