Our 2nd Quarterly box #ART02 shipped last week!

Tumblr Artists featured on #ART02 were:

Justin Angelos
Lee Crutchley
Children of Pop
Evan Jed

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Can’t wait to start #ART03 and introduce more emerging Tumblr Artists!

You've got mail, like, real mail

Just when it feels like online mail couldn’t get more spammy, real mail — the kind you touch with your grubby little hands — is getting more and more authentic and personal.

We all know the online shopping experience changing. Companies like Soap.com, Warby Parker and Zappos have already shown us that.

Fulfillment is instant, shipping is free, returns are free, discount codes are prevalent and the way these companies thank their customers is genuine and sincere.

But now a handful of web-based retail startups are not just thinking of service. They are reinventing the way people shop for products. 

Actually, scratch that. They aren’t about shopping at all. These brands are about gifts, subscriptions and product curation.

Here’s a quick intro to three:


Inspired by the Warby Parker model of taking out the middle-men and making high-quality, designer-quality stuff affordable, these guys will probably kick ass. I’d love it if their products were made in the USA. In fact, I don’t actually know and I’m a little scared to find out. But I imagine it’s hard to be a cool startup and be locally made.


This USPS-obsessed company cuts out all the Kevin Bacons standing between you and a cultural tastemaker. For just $25 a pop, Quarterly sends you a little gift every three months (that’s quarterly) from someone who would probably never in a million years be sending you a personal gift. I haven’t subscribed yet myself, but if I had to, I’d be curious to know what John Maeda would send.


Eeeeeh, this concept makes me feel a little odd. The premise is you want to give a friend a really thoughtful gift. So you go to Wantful and they help you select 16 gift ideas. Then they print out the gift ideas in a book and send it to your friend. Your friend then chooses a gift online and Wantful sends them the gift. All packaged nice and stuff.

But my question is: if you’re not thoughtful enough to pick a good gift for your friend, would you be thoughtful enough to do it through this site? I guess this would be the perfect service for a friend who loves to receive packages in the mail. But with the printed book of gift ideas, the whole process also be a little Wasteful too, right?

How do you feel about these startup concepts? Which would you subscribe to?

Many of you already know The Only Magic Left is Art from Tumblr, right? Well, what’s better than being introduced to new art through this blog? Well, the project that Creator Brandon is spearheading: A subscription to a surprise Art Box in the mail every quarter! :http://quarterly.co/products/brandon-long 

"Each box will be a unique assortment of media from several different up-and-coming artists—who usually slide just below the social media radar." 

For only $50 you will be receiving a 12x18 print of my Paradise in Blue (Check out Dinah Langsjoen Artwork) as well as tons of other artworks from aspiring artists!!

Now, to be honest, that’s a steal. Get the subscription now, in the youth of this movement, cuz I can tell this is gonna get big!


Q-Tip, legendary producer, emcee, poet, and co-subject of the forthcoming TV series about the Native Tongues, of late can add lifestyle subscription curator to his lengthy résumé.  Tip, in collaboration with celeb subscription service Quarterly, has prepared a package filled with top-secret goodies he purportedly selected himself to share with his fans.    

If you’re not familiar with Quarterly, they’re in the business of associating with famous or culturally relevant personalities (and by culturally relevant, I mean their offerings run the gamut from the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design to Ice Cube’s girl Coco) to curate a box of lifestyle items, disclosed to the recipient only upon, well, receipt.

Curators are apparently sworn to secrecy about the contents of their care packages, but Tip couldn’t resist posting this teaser on his Facebook page a few weeks ago: 


On the sub page, Tip explains the project thusly:

I love the power of social media, and the connection it gives to people all across the world, but I want to connect with people as an artist and create an authentic experience that shares a little of my world with them.  It’s my hope with this project that I can share my genuine love for music, art and culture and touch those people who love that authentic connection too.

According to the Quarterly website, #TIP01 is set to ship out in February, but it looks like that’ll only happen if enough people subscribe before month’s end.  The box is $50 per quarter, charged when the package ships out, and you can cancel anytime.

I was like a moth to a flame with this: I preordered in December, no questions asked.  What about you, are you sold?

From quarterly.co to the more recent Facebook pay it forward trend where you promise to send something special to the first 5 people who respond to your post - it’s pretty clear.  People love care packages.

The surprise.
The treats.
The gesture.

So when I found sitting at my front door a manilla envelop address to my attention… I was excited.  When I gave it a shake and heard a strange rattle sound… intrigued.  And seconds after ripping it open to find a very kind note and Trader Joe’s Salted Dark Chocolate Caramels… pumped, with a sudden sweet tooth!

Now, I’m not a TJ’s shopper so I really didn’t know what to expect but was sure they would be delicious.  And hot damn… I was right.  So yummy.  And at $4.99 a box - you’re a deprived fool not to get some.  ((I know it’s rude to inquire about a gift’s price but for the sake of my mankind, I had to!))

I suggest you enjoy one with a cup of hot coffee while blogging.  Or by itself while watching Biggest Loser.  ((I kid.))

What I won’t kid about is how yummy they are and how lucky I am to have a friend cares enough about me to send me a package.  Everything about it, hit the spot. 

What can I expect to receive from Alexis? I’ve got zero lives remaining. So I’m using this one to make the world suck less. I’ve been able to do all of this thanks to the Internet, which is not only full of cats, but also the vehicle for my great adventure. I’ll be sending you surprise packages from along my journey, they’ll contain products I’ve created, geeky novelties, and tasty things.

Brandon wants to bring the eclectic, revolutionary and serendipitous nature of his blog into physical format so that you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home with all five of your senses. Each box will be a unique assortment of media from several different up-and-coming artists—who usually slide just below the social media radar. To support the “invisible revolution” of Internet artists, each quarter Brandon will randomly choose 4 different subscribers to feature on the blog, and showcase and collaborate with their work on the next box.

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