My political curiosity has annoyed me again.

I’ve been reading George Monbiot’s piece in the Guardian about the quangos. Basically, the ConDem coalition have abolished lots of quangos (funny word: quangos are local and national groups or sectors that get government funding for the work that they do). However, they have only abolished the ones that they: a) they can’t claim tax on; or b) aren’t making them look good.

For example, they have retained the Horserace Betting Levy, which is funded by Tote and a variety of bookmakers. The Horserace Betting Levy maintains the largest betting system in England. So, the government are keeping one of the things that is detrimental to our country - I’d go as far to say that it is preventing social mobility.

However, they are abolishing the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council and the Advisory Council on Libraries. They’re just going to let our museums, art galleries, libraries and archives go to seed - because they don’t bring in the money. Forget that it actually improves the minds and lives of people. If they’re too poor to buy the book from Amazon, they’re too poor for the Tories.

I’m going to stop now before I die of a stress-related peptic ulcer.

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