(spoilers) Fire emblem: awakening confessions 

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“Birds of Prey” from Batman: The Brave and The Bold (by SirLeopoldXXIII)

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I really enjoy doing voice over stuff. Like I actually want to get back into doing it professionally, but I’m having a hard time finding an agent. So if anyone wants me to do a reading of their fan fic or some random post, please let me know! I would love to. I need to keep up my practicing.


Dan in “Dan’s Operation Pt. 2″ (Night Court S4E6);  Dan’s Operation series 6/9

kaotickanine asked:

If SEGA/Sonic Team were willing to remake any of 3D Sonic games, which one would you want to get a remake the most? (Personally I would like a new and improved Sonic Heroes)

Sonic Adventure. 

God I would love to see SA get a remake with better, less exploitable physics, Unleashed quality visuals, superior voice acting, a more complex Chao raising system and other fine-tuning.

anonymous asked:

So, what is it about Ryan Drummond that scream's to you? "This guy is Sonic"? What quality to his voice and acting that really presents itself as being Sonic to you that other VA's don't provide? And how does that come to full circle for how you act Sonic?

Ryan has a voice for Sonic that cannot be described. Whenever I hear Ryan’s Sonic I just look at Sonic’s face and think “Yep that’s Sonic!”.

He sounds youthful, energetic, excited, brave, and everything that Sonic should be. The tone of his voice is magnificent. The voice itself too just fits. He sounds as he should. Sonic is 15, and the other voice actors have failed to portray that.

Roger’s Sonic sounds like a tired 30 year old, Jason was goofy, Jaleel was annoying, Burke was kinda odd, and Schoolhouse just….UGH.

Ryan to me will always be Sonic. He deserves the role and I wish Sega would stop being cheap fuckers. Voice actors deserve to be paid. Ryan didn’t turn down the contract because he was greedy, he turned it down because it was unfair. Roger was just getting established at the time so he needed to do some dirty work. I’m sure if they offered the same thing again he’d laugh and say “Fuck you I’m Captain America.”

It comes full circle because now people see ME as Sonic. Some people prefer me over any of the official VA’s. I’m sure there’s a group out there who can’t stand even Ryan but prefer me. 

Sonic is a special character to everyone individually and the only difference between and other Ryan fans is my voice is carried so I look like a fanboy.

I’m willing to let other actors try, but that won’t happen because Sega hires cheap VA’s.


Implosion - Never Lose Hope - First Look (Android Gameplay)

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The quality of the voice acting is usually superior in the original language, Japanese, though its style is rather unique, so if one has trouble getting used to it, sticking to a (English) dub might be the best option.

Ooh, that’s really interesting! But yes, it’s usually best in its original language, no matter what country a series or movie orignates from - I haven’t given this much thought, though! I love japanese, it’s a beautiful language. But I think it has something to do with my multitasking, the fact that I most often end up watching the dubs ;u;’ 

i feel like i gotta include a femshep in every time i look for a mass effect video bc i don’t like listening to subpar quality voice acting

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