Michael being a cute dork appreciation

just look at him 




you can hear his giggle







he looks like little angry kitten 



*crying on my keyboard



ANd HIs REAction about the CAts!!!1


brb i need to go to church and pour holy water on me.

 appreciation post about luke's nose

Mr Hemmings - Teacher!5SOS Series


Irwin - Clifford

“Can someone please help Luke in the store cupboard? Y/N?” You looked up at the sound of your name, “Please just go help him.” Your teacher sighed, his tie was half undone and sweat patches had begun to form under his arm pits. Mr Leeves wasn’t handling the new term very well, despite the aid of the new maths assistant teacher, Mr ‘Call me Luke’ Hemmings.

“Okay Mr Leeves.” You slid out of your seat, and followed the tall man who had left the room a few moments before. You knocked on the door of the store cupboard down the corridor. It opened in an instant and you were faced with the relieved smile of Mr Hemmings. You almost swooned as he raised an elbow to lean on the frame of the door, your knees close to buckling as you caught a whiff of his expensive aftershave.

“The teaching assistant’s assistant.” He joked, beckoning you into the small room, letting the door click shut behind you.

“I just need some help shifting those textbooks.” Luke bent down to hand you a couple.

“Woah.” You remarked, your arms straining under the weight.

“Yeah, gives you a pretty good workout.” Luke chuckled, flexing as he looked up at you.

“Hmmm.” You whimpered at the display, then shook your head and coughed to cover your slip-up.

“Do you want me to take these back now then, Sir?” You shifted awkwardly, knowing you wouldn’t be able to open the door with your hands full like this.

“Oh yeah, that would be great. I’ll get the door,” He jumped up, “Please, call me Luke.”

You nodded at his catchphrase, waiting for him to pull open the door. Luke’s hand grabbed the handle and pushed but the door refrained from moving. He tried again, more desperately this time. The handle broke off in his large hand. He looked at the shattered metal and then at you, his eyes illuminated under the warm glow of the single spotlight in the ceiling.

“Is that the door handle in your hands?” You panicked slightly, setting the books down on the already cluttered floor.

“Shit, yes. Shit.” Luke stammered, getting anxious as well.

“What are we going to do?” You raised your voice at him, “You’re the teacher!”

“Hardly!” He scoffed, “I haven’t even finished my first year of Uni!”

“You’re still in Uni?” Your tone became deliberately softer and you took a step towards him.

“Yeah I’m eighteen. I thought that was common knowledge?” He scratched his neck, only becoming more attractive to you.

“That’s only a year’s age gap between us then, isn’t it?” You slightly tilted you head to the side, eyelashes batting delicately, trying to encourage him.

“Yes it is,” He swallowed thickly, before advancing towards you cautiously, but willingly, “We’re going to be locked in here a while, all alone…” His voice trailed off as you touched his arm lightly, he was returning your signals in every way possible.

His voice had lowered and his hands had moved to cup your waist, pushing up your shirt and rubbing circles with the pads of his thumbs at the flesh he found there.

“What can two people do when they’re alone?” You bit your lip teasingly.

“Show me.” He whispered, his face close to yours, making the hair on the nape of your neck stand on end.

You pulled him by his collar towards you, connecting your lips swiftly, almost melting when they finally touched. Your hands wondered to the back of his head, gently gripping his blonde hair as he pulled your hips closer to his, deepening the kiss.

“This is so wrong…” Luke muttered between breaks in your kiss, strangely enough his words were turning you on even more.

“Yes,” You moaned, as his lips trailed down to nip at your neck and collarbones, “It’s wrong,” You panted, “and it’s bad,” He sucked hard on your sensitive neck causing you to gasp as you finished your sentence, “and we shouldn’t.”

You knew your words had had their desired effect as Luke groaned into your neck in response and you felt his erection poke you. You reached down to cup him but he shoved your hand away and caught your gaze.

“Ladies first.” He pecked your cheek and lips, before slipping his hand down your skirt, making you yelp quietly and your stomach begin to flip.

Luke brushed his fingers over your underwear, denying any sort of friction and taunting you horribly as you whimpered at his touch. He snickered at your sensitivity and pulled his fingers away from you, inducing a whine from you.

He distracted you by dragging your lips to his again, but his fingers were unbuttoning his trousers and shoving them down to his ankles. He tore away from your mouth and trailed his kisses along your jaw to your ear.

“Jump.” He whispered as he reached your ear, grabbing your upper thighs.

You wrapped your legs tightly around his waist, as he backed you into the wall for extra support. He wasted no time and swept your underwear out of the way as he aligned himself and allowed you to sink down on his length.

You let out an uncontainable moan as he jerked his hips sporadically, breathing heavily and whispering sweet nothing’s into your ear.

“Sir,” You whimpered, your mind blanking of his name in your euphoria as he hit your g-spot repetitively.  

“Found your spot, didn’t I babe?” He panted, smirking at your reaction to his thrusts, “The name’s Luke remember, but I like Sir better.” He subtly instructed.

You nodded, biting your lip to hold back moans, “Sir… I’m close…” You could barely stutter words out as your began to rock your hips back and forth, intensifying your pleasure. You threw your head back, your mouth agape.

“Come on babe, let go baby.” He took advantage of your exposed neck and sucked harshly, with his damned lip ring, setting your orgasm off.

He groaned loudly and reacted similarly to you, tipping his head back also. You rested your head in the crook of his glistening shoulder as you both relished in your release. Luke drew out of you slowly and set you gently on the ground, allowing you to steady yourself in his arms before fixing your disheveled appearance.

“Fuck.” Luke ran his hand through his messy blonde hair, glancing at you after redressing.

“Yeah.” You agreed, grinning at the man, “We should probably call someone for help.” You suggested.

“But I thought we were having alone time?” He raised his and to your chin and tilted your face, so you were staring into his warm blue eyes, pecking your mouth tenderly.



Imagine your OTP/3 just got engaged. Person A wants to have a big ceremony in some fancy venue, with designer suits/dresses, a huge cake, caterers, and lots of attendees. Person B wants something simple and inexpensive with only close friends and family. Do they come to a compromise? Bonus: Person C wants to elope and get married at a Las Vegas chapel.