my tutor is so CUTE, he loves whales and he’s in america at the moment so I emailed him and asked if he’s seen any and he said ‘yes Azra! there are many whales here!’ with an attachment of a picture of a whale. brilliant. 


Hi, I’m Skylar but go by Sky. I classify myself as an Agender. I went through constant confusion of what gender I wanted to be until I decided I preferred agender. I am okay with any pronoun ranging from he, she, they, fa, anything (as long as it’s respectable). Thank you so much for your support and all of your likes and reblogs really help me feel good about myself vwv. To all of the other transgendered people out there, you’re hella cute and If I see you, I’m going to blow up your ask and fan-mail with love ówó. Have a great day