Do que vale a rima,
se nem toda laranja é lima,
Do que vale Roma,
se nem sempre diz amor,
Do que vale ter ido,
Se nem devia ter acontecido,
Do que vale a beleza
se nem tudo é certeza,
Do que vale sonhar,
Se nem sempre te faz arriscar.
Do que vale a realidade,
se nem tudo é verdade.
Do que vale escrever,
se nem eu que escrevi vou ler.
—  Michele.
— Viajando?
— Estou!
— Pra onde?
— Nenhum um lugar específico.
— Como vai saber que chegou lá?
— Uma boa pergunta. Uma boa pergunta!
—  Criminal Minds
Nah, I ain’t seen shit
and I ain’t snitchin’ on nobody
Yeah that’s my 4-5
but it ain’t got no bodies …
It’ll be a cold day in Miami
before I snitch on myself or the hood,
you understand me?
—  Game, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Underneath this year’s freshest new music lurked an age-old cultural construct.

"Like the pretty model mascot of countless indie-rock videos before her, their music is represented by women acting out gender stereotypes: there’s the ultra-femme Thomas confirming the male fantasy that she can feel his hands on her body when he thinks of her on “Hey QT”

"Neither Sophie nor A.G. Cook’s image appears alongside their work, and so the age-old cultural construction of woman as body and man as mind remains intact.”

I knew there was a reason why I always felt a bit uncomfortable with the QT persona as well as all the artists in the label save for Hannah Diamond 

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend some anime with great love story pls?? (and i loove ur writing, stay awesome cutie!!)

Awhh thank you! *u* Here are a list of some really cute romance animes ~

  • kaichou wa maid-sama
  • kamisama hajimemashita
  • special a
  • ao haru ride
  • okami shojo to kuro oji
  • say i love you
  • the world is still beautiful