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Headcanon: Akashi once tried to put Murasakibara on a diet, but they giant was left low on energie and just passed out onto of Akashi and no one was there to help the red-head up from under the purple giant. Akashi has never made that mistake again :)

LOL Akashi now probably secretly carries around candy/snacks and protein bars ready to force down Murasakibara’s throat at the first sign of him showing any fatigue bc he doesn’t ever want to risk going through that experience again  

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Kise is described as literal snapchat trash and I completely support that. Headcanon that his snapchat stories are usually 300+ seconds worth of bothering his senpai and his s/o with pics and lameass videos. (omg he's like one of those new dads.)

I adore the Kise is snapchat trash headcanon with my entire being omg, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve referred to it in my scenarios ahah. 

Prior to snapchat being updated, Kise would have clicked on his s/o and Kasamatsu and the rest of the GoM and Kagamicchi’s accounts just for a daily check up to see where he ranks on their best friends list, and he gets all whiny if he’s not at least in the top 3

He’s also v proud of the fact that his snapchat score is higher than everyone else’s

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Oh my god, when I was reading that Akashi NSFW Omegaverse during the "filthy alpha" part I accidentally read "filthy alpaca" and now I can't stop laughing.

i just spat out my drink oh my god

i may never be able to write nsfw/omegaverse ever again LOL fuc k i can’t stop imagining akashi as an alpaca now help 

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First off i just want to say that your writing is amazing and you're my favorite knb scenario blog! Anyway i just wanted you to imagine this: Kuroko has been having a very stressful day and the heat is getting to him so he's a bit woozy and when he tries to approach Akashi, in the gym, he trips over his own feet and grabs Akashi's basketball shorts as support but they just fall with with him, and Akashi is standing there in his undies! XD (Sorry if my writing is bad and you don't understand)

Waah thank you sweetie! You’re too kind :)

Hahah, oh my gosh, everyone would be blinking in utter shock and a giggle would probably slip out from Kise before everyone immediately tries to divert their gazes away from Akashi in his boxes bc they like their head where it is

Meanwhile Kuroko remains lying face down on the floor because he is just done