Kinney was less enthusiastic about my proposed combo name for the pair. Fans have given Beth and Daryl the nickname Bethyl, which for my money simply doesn’t measure up to the Carol/Daryl combo of Caryl. Also, why would you go Bethyl when you can also go with Deth, a much more appropriate moniker for them considering the subject matter of the program? Kinney was not so keen on my ‘Deth’ suggestion.
—  Dalton Ross, Entertainment Weekly [online] (28/Sep/2014)

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What kinda of pizzas would you be? (asking Dandy, QT, Meow, Honey, Scarlet, Dr Gel, Bea, Prince, and anyone else who have suitable pizza personalities)

Dandy: Hawaiian Pizza

QT: Personal Pan Cheese Pizza

Meow: Seafood Bianca Pizza

Honey: Nutella Dessert Pizza

Scarlet: Apple, Walnut, Bleu Cheese, Aurugala, Balsamic Flatbread Pizza

Dr Gel: All Meat Pizza

Bea: Vegan, Gluten Free, Vegetable Pizza

I hope you’re happy, Anon.

I don’t know [if Beth and Daryl are developing a romance]. You have to wait and find out. […] I would say last season what you saw, there’s definitely a connection, and a connection that’s growing. And they care about each other a lot, and so there’s definitely something really special there.
—  Emily Kinney, Entertainment Weekly [online] (28/Sep/2014)
Eu digo que não te quero mais, mas é meio que em vão. Porque eu sei que na primeira oportunidade que você me der, eu volto correndo pros teus braços, que é um lugar de onde eu nunca deveria ter saído.
—  Bianca Menezes.