on a warm saturday in fall without knowing what to do, i feel like writing a text, without any special topic, not even in my mother language so there will be many mistakes but however I just want to talk a little and tumblr is perfect for that. I talk to many people i don’t really know but i guess most of you won’t read that anyway..However guys…right now I’m listening to Alex Goot’s cover of Wonderwall by Oasis, I write WhatsApp messages to my friend, just being online there because I hope one special person will text me, but actually i don’t really know who this person is because there are a lot of them. But the fact that NONE of them likes you as much as you like them hurts a bit..
We all know the feeling of wanting a boyfriend..let’s say there are 3 guys you like, one lives about 8,000 miles away from you, the other one has got a girlfriend and the third one just likes your ass…i guess none of them would be a good choice to love. Although one of them is very special, you can talk with him, he’s intelligent, he’s funny but..i’ve never really talked to him and um yeah, i guess now you know about which one of them i’m talking. Now I’m listening to A Little Party Never Killed Nobody by Fergie and i can’t help my bood to get better. I’m tired and hungry though….this is quite a short text but i’m really tired now so bye guys, i gotta sleep now. At 4.47pm, but sleeping is great x

"One's trash is another ones's treasure"

Same thing with..

"One’s mistery is another one’s happiness."

Remember that you’re a treasure to someone that is more desrving.

Than the one who crumpled you.

Things always get to the point where its more confuesing then most of the things that has happened in are life but one thing for sure is that when it do get like that we have to be ready for what ever it is that we have to do.

Olny we will know how to fix it and make sure it doesnt happen the same way next time,