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There is a difference between “looking good” being “good looking” and beauty. To me beauty is timeless and encompasses much more than designer clothes, good bone structure and great hair and makeup. It is something that emanates from a place within.

For me the people I experience as beautiful are kind, thoughtful, honest. There is an acceptance of who they art and an honesty about how they project that in the world. Couple these aspects of a human with someone who is creative and thinks about ways to dress as a way to share themselves with the world - I see this as beauty.

Beauty is a deeply personal journey yet a very universal expression. It is beyond something that is surface because beauty is sustainable. It doesn’t fade as we age it simply transforms. ~ Sima

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We can keep on chasing the worldly things and find that none of those can satisfy us. Contentment is not found by having more of what the world can offer. Contentment is when our heart is filled with the joy of meeting Jesus.

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