anonymous said:

You are worth it , Keep walking , Reach for you dreams , Don't ever look back , Someday you'll make it, You will and you can do it , Smile nothing deserves your sadness, There's always light in your heart when it's dark and cold, You deserve happiness so there's nothing to worry about !

thanks anon-senpai ♥♥ , but i’m not sad lol and i’m always happy 

you’re really beautiful arigatoo xD ♥ 

tema-lizzy said:

TAG, YOU’RE IT. The rules are you state 10 random facts about yourself. Then go to your ten favorite blogs and tell them they’re it.

i’m bad person 

i’m pervert lol 

I hate children so much

i hate football - Arabian songs - being with others much time

i hate myself for some reasons 

i’m wasting my time on tumblr - watching anime - playing video games 

thats enough, thank you <3 ;3 

anonymous said:

لو جبت لك ايرزا حقيقية بتتزوجها ؟ xP ( ~.~ رد بالعربي )

الحين؟ أيه والملكه العصر والزواج بعد العشاء .. وأسحب على ام الكيمياء بكره :) ؛ ♥

ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه تبا لك 

anonymous said:

ايش الأنميات اللي تتابعها الحين ؟


Love live

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru

Zetsuen no Tempest

Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Fairy tail


هذولي إللي انتظرهم كل اسبوع ، فيه كم إنمي زياده لكن ساحب عليها هالفتره :D

anonymous said:

انا اكرهك وانت تكرهني لكن يقولون لي انتي خاقة عليه كيف اقلهم لا

على زق انتِ وياهم !

0ddjobs said:

Dont stop editing? It's natural to share edited artwork on tumblr. no one can stop you from doing that. ignore anonymous and do your thing.

i’ll keep editing if i want and i dont give a fuck about them :D 

anyway thank you :)

reiuu said:

I'm really not trying to be rude or anything but you should consider stopping editing.. the artists have the full rights to their pictures and you shouldn't alter them without their permission. ;; most of them really don't like it.

Okay, I won’t do that anymore :D ..

im sorry.