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Imagine how much money we spend in a lifetime because of periods! Like no I could spend that on something better

i know argh that’s why i just use my moms lol

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1. Do you wake up early on Christmas morning? yess 

2. Do you wear Christmas sweaters? no bc i dont have any but i want some

3. What’s your favourite thing about Christmas? just how everything looks and the happiness and everything

4. Do you shake presents to try to guess what’s inside? yepp… whoops

5. Do you count down the days until Christmas? duhh(; there are 17 day woooooo<3!

6.  What is the best present you’ve ever gotten? umm i dont even know tbh

7. Do you listen to Christmas music? yepp i started december 1st

8. Do you believe that giving is better than recieving? yepp

9. Favourite Christmas movie? ELF x10000000000000

10. How do you usually celebrate Christmas?wake up do presents and then just hangout druing the day and then have a big dinner(:

11. How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa Claus? what …santa isnt real?(;

My questions!

1. favourite Christmas song/ album?

2. Favourite food  on Christmas?

3. How many christmas dinners do you have?

4. Favourite things to wear during christmas?

5. Favourite christmas shows?

6. Do you believe in santa?

7. What do you do on Christmas eve?

8. Do you decorate your bedroom for christmas>?

9. Do you get to pick everything out you want or do you just give your parents a list for your presents?

10. When do you usally put up your christmas tree?

11. Favourite Christmas drink?

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