anonymous said:

start - !!! ive been watching this girl for a while and shes rlly nice! shes needed money to pay her phone bills for whenever she gets her phone for a while and shes almost at her goal, qlowing is her user !!! - end

qlowe said:

HOW ARE YOU SO CONFIDENT FRICK im rly insecure man help a girl out

baBE UR SO CUTE!! you just gotta keep telling yourself that you are beautiful and you cant listen to what other people say or let it affect you!! one day i looked in the mirror and was like “wow i am fucking perfect” and then i just knew i was because i am and so are you!! every person is perfect and everyone has tastes so just because someone doesnt think you are doesn’t mean it’s true because there will always be a person, or more, who think you are great the way u are :-)

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Check out these wonderful artists! @qlowing 's style is very unique hnn <33 her art is beautiful !! Along with @bootypyro hehe her username is really cute as well along with her art goSH ITS THE CUTEST owo @pupsai 's art is also BEAUTIFUL;;; go watch her hnn @piebreon hue hue her art is cute and she is very nice !! / v \ id suggest watching them all