So someone asked me what brush pens were, I think? these are brush pens, which I use to draw my recent daily sketches. They’re both Pilot (the brand) brush-pens. I’m not sure where you can get them though, since these were given to me by my uncle :(.

The grey one is actually a silver brush pen that’s stopped working, so what I do is actually dip it in water and use the smudges that come out of the black inked lines (because it’s not waterproof ink) to shade the drawing. that’s why my shadings are a little more intense around lined edges :). 

pet peeve: when people hold string instruments wrong in artworks and/or stockphotos. Especially stock-photos, because people actually REFERENCE those and then they reference wrong because the stock photos were wrong. D:

Reason for pet peeve is probably cause i’ve been playing the violin since i was 3 y/o and learned that before i learned almost everything else in life and I’ve been in an orchestra for so long watching everyone else play xD;.

would anyone be interested in a tutorial of the proper way to draw a person holding a violin/viola/cello? i dunno if enough people would be interested though, since i want to do a few other tuts too, but it is a little pet peeve of mine hahaha :P.



Okay, this is an idea I’ve had for a while and I’ve finally gotten around to sketching this, but I dunno which expression I should have them do, so your opinion on this.

The top one’s got the cat licking his lips, if you can’t tell on my sketch. I also kind of like them both and may or may not do a liiittle bit of movement with both expressions, but it’s a lot more work and I dunno if it’s worth it;

anyways, okay, so here:

#1 (top) or #2 (bottom)?

Thanks so much for more birthday wishes! Here, have a close-up, you wonderful people you >.O <3~

(I’m in the final detail-stage and it’s killing me cause there’s so much stuff to fix. the HAIR. THE HAIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR *dies*)

I'm thinking of putting together an artbook and doing an artbook giveaway...

and this artbook will not be for sale, and the prints of the book will be limited to at the most 5 copies.

Would you be interested in participating in my artbook giveaway?

I want to know so I can determine how many I’m giving away on tumblr and how many on dA. , so if you guys could answer the poll (please only vote once!), that’d be awesome :3. thanks so much~!

(oh, but this won’t be until later this year though)

hey guys, sorry for the two months of radio silence in which i literally did not even touch my computer cause i just needed a break. anyways, I’m going back to canada tomorrow and doing an all nighter because it helps with the jet lag for me :). plus sleep just makes 14 hours of plane ride go by so much faster. 

will start drawing stuff again more digital and more background stuff though, from the photos I took of China. Lots of weird stories to tell too but you guys are probably not interested and now i’m just tired rambling (4am here xD;; been sleeping at around 1am these days so 4am’s tiring me out already D: )

also, it’s been a really sterek summer for me xD;

ps. will get to everyone’s pms soon, too tired to think too coherently right now hahaha;;;. but gotta stay up =A=;. think i will make some coffee. 

Woah, I got into the Graduate program of Oil Painting at Tsinghua University O.O

….except I’m not going xD;. 

I don’t think I can spend 3 years continuously in China, especially Beijing, breathing in that foul air…plus the tuition’s pretty expensive, not to mention there’s the bird floo flu (you know when I’m reading too much Harry Potter when I’m typing floo instead of flu) going around v_v;;….damnit, why didn’t I think of this stuff when I applied? =_=;;;…..”orz

BUT on the other hand I’m still pretty glad and actually really surprised I got in, even though I’m going to reject the spot xD;. 

waaa, sorry, i’m doing these in batches becaues I’m afraid it’ll annoy everyone if i answer them one by one and clog your dashboards ;A;. 

but thanks so much for your kind messages, everyone~! I will strive to be better! as I was making this 5 more peeps added me so oh my god thanks so much for following me everyone >.<~! It’s been a little over a year since I joined, and I’ve fallen in love with tumblr <3. 

I’ll do a giveaway as soon as I get back to Canada, I swear! (that’s like…end of august though, but shipping from china will be really time-consuming if you’re not living in Asia….) ….or i might do it from China in the summer. but I WILL do a giveaway, i promise~! 

So tumblr has a new “activities” thing they implemented while I was gone and I’m super surprised to see that I was still getting followers all these months I’ve been gone D: D:~! thanks so much!! and thanks to old tumblr peeps for letting me stick around on your dash v3v~ 

Anyways, apparently I lost around 5kg (without realizing it; i actually thought i was getting fatter cause I stayed home all day drawing) when I lived in Beijing, but like, super unhealthily through total calorie deficit (although I was still eating home-cooked healthy stuff and hit all my daily vegies and stuff). But I’m trying to get into shape now so I can run without wheezing hahaha. I’m on , so add me up if you’re on there? :D :D~!! if you want to? I actually want to take my weight down another 5kg to thin down my face while i’m at that exercising thing :3

I feel like I should’ve done this with the last batch of notes too @__@;; sorry for spamming you guys >_<;;~ 

But first, riddikulusriddle: i don’t make google themes ^^; i wasn’t even sure what they were until you mentioned them and I googled them xDD. I’ll think about it if I get more stuff I’m happy with :D

Okay, I was going to do a giveaway of an artbook I want to print of my work/tutorials/sketches (just for myself and this giveaway) once I reached 10k followers, but now I’m coming up to that number REALLY fast and I’m TOTALLY not ready hahaha @__@;;~ but I wanna thank you guys for following me, and these new followers for following too >.< <3~! hopefully I can do a giveaway in a month or two :)


Oh, and to the anon who wants to know where I get inspiration from, I’ve opened a new inspiration blog, where i reblog stuff i find inspirational or interesting (for those of you guys who don’t know ;D).

This is officially the last batch of anon-asks, as I’ve now turned off anon ^^;~ It’s a lot easier for me to answer everyone privately, unless there’s something that everyone’s asking. which means you guys who are asking about my watercolour stuff, sorry for not answering yet - I’m going to compile something together later to post and update my faq :D.