Here’s where the actual ‘crossover’ comes in. My fake Backlash Cardian Aces meeting the West Coast Aces.

Reggie is a big game hunter and is unsure whether he should be shooting or punching Eustal, Qimat won’t leave Ire alone and what makes it worse is that Ire can actually UNDERSTAND him, Agnes and Alraune are so relieved to find someone who isn’t an incompetent moron, and Jax and Rinehart are Exactly The Same.

I really wanted to get this Qimat in the Croc version (available in Australia and in US) but UK has awfully high import tax rate so I didn’t want to order abroad and anyways, I need these in my life NOW so I got the plain black leather version instead which I think are equally great and were actually on sale and I’m chuffed (but not for long) that the GBP is getting stronger! How many hours till it’s the weekend! Can’t wait to wear these Senso booties

Monday edit :#helloparry Freeze mesh crop top( available tonight ) ;Biker Asymmetric Leather Skirt ; Outrange Holographic Clutch ;Gold Finger Armor Ring and our favorite pair of @senso #qimat boots 👌