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People claiming that the “Stop the Bop” event at school is a form of extortion? LOOOOOL. How is it even extortion? Do you know what that word means? Just because you learn a new word doesn’t mean you have to use it LOLOLOL. Aw my god, too funny, clearly it’s serving its purpose to annoy the students. 

For those who don’t know. Stop the Bop is a fundraising event going on at my school, where there’s annoying music playing throughout the halls during all breaks. In order to make it stop, students have to pay money to lower the volume/make it stop. 

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quick question, does it bother you when people pronounce quebec as qwah-bec instead of qeh-bec?? because it drives me fuckin insane

y e s omg

Tag game: give us five random things about yourself & pass it on to ten of your followers. REPOST. DON’T REBLOG.

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1. I am probably the biggest Rizzle Kicks fan you will encounter

2. I have never sold a single one of my books. I just… I cant do it. So I have boxes and boxes of them in the attic and two small bookshelves and one huge one that takes up a whole wall of my room full and I am at the point of needing a new one. It is a problem. I am a book hoarder.

3. I was four when I was in my first dance show - it was at the QEH theatre :)

4. Pesto is my favourite condiment in the world. The heath food shop where we buy it genuinely orders in boxes of it for us because of how much we get through in my family

5. If you buy me things from Lush I will love you forever. If you buy me the £100 gift box I will marry you. I am in that shop so often the people who work there know mw by name and I know the entire stock list.

I tag: kierenwithflowercrown kierenwalkerpds and lays-potato-chips but anyone who wants to really :)

Using Adjectival Verbs

Klingon uses intransitive verbs (verbs of being, which require no object) in three ways.

As verbs

When using these to be verbs as verbs in a sentence, they do not need an object. Only one of the four prefixes indicating no object, namely:-

jI- I

bI- you

ma- we

Su- you (plural)

When the subject is he, she, it or they, no prefix is used at all.


jIbergh I am irritable

jInaS I am vicious

bIchech You are drunk

bIDal You are boring

Daj He is interesting

Doj She is impressive

jej It is sharp

As adjectives, 1

When used to describe someone or something, e.g. interesting situation, unnecessary pleasure, the adjective follows the noun.

jagh Dal a boring enemy

tlhIngan bergh the irritable Klingon

tera’ngan QeH The angry Terran

As adjectives, 2

When used to describe something along the lines of the enemy is interesting, the adjectival verb comes before the noun and takes no prefix:-

bergh tlhIngan The Klingon is irritable

naS tlhIngan The Klingon is vicious

John Coltrane"s A Love Supreme - Tickets

A re-envisioning of JOHN COLTRANE’S A LOVE SUPREME to celebrate its 50th Anniversary. Following on from two sold-out performances and standing ovations in the QEH at James Lavelle’s Meltdown ‘Enlightenment’ a bold re-envisioning of John Coltrane’s ‘A Love Supreme’ is to be performed in the Union Chapel on December 9th to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of the recording of this iconic spiritual masterpiece.

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Cluster of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus cases in Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Hong Kong (HKSAR) – The following is issued on behalf of the Hospital Authority: The spokesperson for Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) made the following announcement today (August 15): Three babies (one male and two female, aged 11 to 27 days) in a neonatal ward of QEH were identified to…
Source:Cluster of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus cases in Queen Elizabeth Hospital

it looks like you are mad at me


it’s happening more frequently lately

seems unfair

i wish i could still call you whenever i want and talk to you all day :S

it was not my decission

:( not fair

ghobe’ QeH