Calling all beginners!!!

This video is a great explanation of what you need to get your splits!

anonymous asked:

hi! i need some advice on improving my flexibility because i (try to) stretch almost every day where i do some stretches to loosen up my muscles and then do all three splits for 1 minute two times and then some a back stretches but i feel like i'm only maintaining my flexibility! i want to be able to do a good oversplit etc but i never feel like comfortable in my splits i mean it doesn't hurt too bad but i do feel the stretch quite well. help?

Hi! If your splits don’t feel comfortable, it would help you to do some other stretches too not just sitting in your splits. 

You might find doing some hip stretches helps to open up and makes your splits feel easier. I have posted some really good hip stretches here you can try out:

There are also loads of hamstring stretches you will do and increasing your hamstring flexibility will definitely help with an oversplit. You can try putting a band around your foot and stretching like this:

Also try these:

If you’re not progressing it might be that you need to stretch for longer. This doesn’t necessarily mean holding your splits for 2 minutes instead of 1, but maybe doing some other stretches first. You can also try leaning forward in your split to put your head on your knee, leaning back, and doing your splits up a wall or in a door frame.  It may also be that you need to push yourself a little more, by relaxing further down into your splits or placing a pillow under your foot to start an oversplit. Remember when you’re stretching to practice good breathing and warm up well. 

I hope this helps, be patient because sometimes a plateau comes before a breakthrough! Keep working hard :) 

anonymous asked:

How to do splits in a month?

It depends how flexible you are now, but the best way would be to do a 30 minutes stretching session every morning and evening, after doing a good warm up. It’s important that you don’t overstretch at the beginning because you will just get really sore muscles and have to take a few days out. 

Use the stretches in my post here:

and you can also check out this Q&A page which might help you solve some problems that may arise:

If you aren’t getting sore and are seeing progress, you can try doing 45 minutes every morning and evening. 

As you get better, start doing oversplits, even if you’re not flat. They help your splits come more easlly. 

Good luck with getting your splits!

anonymous asked:

tips to feel more confident stretching splits at the gym. I dont want people to get the impression im 'showing off' :(


I totally relate to this - with my figure skating I sometimes used to practice on public sessions where everyone hung onto the barrier and I really felt like people were judging me for ‘showing off’ when really I was just trying to train. 

To be honest I think it’s something you just have to get over mentally. I rarely do those sessions anymore but when I do I just forget the other people completely and focus on what I’m there to do. When I’ve complained about this to my parents they’ve (quite rightly) told me to just GET OVER IT. You’re there to fulfill your goals. Say for example with my skating, I used to think when I’m about to do a test with judges watching me - is what those people at the session 3 weeks ago thought going to matter? NO the only thing that will matter is me and my performance. You have to focus your mindset and over time you will find you think less and less about it. 

Anyone who thinks that someone doing the splits in the gym is showing off will probably think that about a lot of people at the gym, like anyone who is lifting super heavy weights, so you’re probably not the only one.

Also you can probably do some practical things like finding a quiet area in the gym, or trying to go at less busy times. Avoid looking around at other people when you’re in splits for example. Even if you’re just trying to check you’re not being watched, you might look like you want people to look at you. Just keep yourself to yourself - but have no shame - you have worked hard to get to where you are and have just as much right to be there and training as anyone else does. Don’t feel apologetic for your abilities be proud :D 

I hope this helps and best of luck :)

shortygoesontour asked:

I saw your tips on stretching for splits and you said it would be useful to stretch for like 30 minutes a day for them, what would you do for those 30 minutes? do you mean do it in 5 minute blocks or 30 minutes in one go? :) thank you! ive never had splits before and i really want them!

This is a good question! I’d suggest doing two 15 minute sessions to make it more manageable but this can be varied hugely. You might want to do two 30 minute sessions or one 10 minute session depending on how much time you have and how urgently you want your splits.

Then for those 15 minutes, I suggest you create a routine of your favourite stretches for your splits. This can be made up of whatever you like, but here’s an example: (for left or right front splits - if you want to work on both then either hold the stretches for half the time or do the routine twice on the other leg)

First 5 minutes - aerobic warm up

1 minute deep lunge

30 seconds walk/jog it out

1 minute deep lunge

30 seconds walk/jog it out

1 minute hamstring stretch

30 seconds walk/jog it out

1 minute hamstring stretch

30 seconds walk/jog it out

1 minute quads stretch (like deep lunge but hold your back foot to your bottom like this)

30 seconds walk/jog it out

Slide into your splits and hold for 30 seconds

30 seconds walk/jog it out

Slide into your splits and hold for 1 minute

30 seconds walk/jog it out

This is a good place to start - hope it helps. Good luck with your splits!

afrikaa-n asked:

Hi, I was wondering what would be a good way to get higher oversplits? I'm a leftie, and in a left split I can get my front leg up about a foot. But I can't get my back leg up very high at all. Any tips on how to get my back leg higher?


To get more height on your back leg, you will just have to play around with stretching in a variety of ways. I find using a step is a good way to practice oversplits, preferably on a slippy floor, put your back foot on to a step or stair and then slide into your splits. Try to get your groin onto the floor.

Alternatively you can try partner stretching, this might work out better for you! Go into your splits, and get someone to lift up your back foot slowly. Try to keep your front leg flat on the floor.

You can also try doing oversplits up a wall or in a door frame. This is just like the normal wall split but your move your standing foot away from the wall to increase the stretch, like this

There isn’t really an easy way with oversplits, you just have to keep on stretching it!

I hope this helps, if not let me know! Good luck!

anonymous asked:

I'm a dancer and I'm not really that flexible for the splits. Im a street dancer so we don't really need it but I really want to get them because everyone at my dance school does. I'm way more closer to my side splits than front! Have you got anything that I can do EVERYDAY that will Improve both of them?

Heyy :) 

In terms of what to do everyday I suggest that you set up a stretching routine of stretches that will help you achieve your goal. 

There are lots of stretches you can find on my blog to help you. Check out my how to stretch articles, there is one specifically for the splits. You can also check out my Q&A splits page where there are answers to lots of questions.

In terms of setting up a routine, check out examples here and here.

I hope this helps and good luck! 

jilliankrenz asked:

whats the best way to stretch if you have your splits already and you want to over stretch?

Firstly, congrats on getting your splits! There are lots of ways to do over splits, but they are all essentially the same - you are somehow lifting one of your legs to increase the angle above 180 degrees.

A really easy way to do this is to go into your splits and put something like a big pillow or a thick book underneath one of your feet. You can even put your fist under your front foot if you are just starting over splits work. As you progress, you can start putting your foot onto higher surfaces, steps are really good to use and when you get really good you can put your foot up onto a chair like this.

It’s also helpful to ask a friend or family member to help you, when you’re in your splits, they just have to lift up either your back foot or your front foot until you get a stretch. 

Finally, you can use gravity to push you into your over splits by doing the splits with your feet on two different chairs - like this. Best of luck with your over splits!

we-irish-run-seattle-deactivate asked:

What stretches are good for "pre-splits"? :P

To be honest the stretches you should do when you’re not quite ready for the splits are just the same as the ones you would use when you’re almost flat. Doing these stretches for a few weeks will help you if you don’t feel ready to trying sitting (or even standing) in your splits yet.

I suggest you work on the deep lunge and a hamstring stretch, I’ve explained both fully here. In the deep lunge, focus on gently pushing forward into a deeper and deeper lunge (don’t just push your torso forwards though). 

You can also try a stretch where you stand with your left (or right) leg in front like you’ve stepped in front. Make sure your feet are fairly in line and both feet are pointing forwards. Keep your legs straight. Now try seeing how far you can go down keeping both legs straight and both feet flat on the floor. Hold it when you get to a stretch. 

I don’t think it will be long until your should start sitting in your splits, even if you feel like you are miles from the ground. Try putting cushions beneath your thighs and pelvis so they are leaning on something, this should make it more comfortable, but don’t hold it for too long at this stage as it will probably not be very pleasant! Going into your splits at this stage will help you get used to the feeling and will also be a really good stretch. 

I hope these tips help you and good luck with your splits! (I have assumed you are referring to front splits - let me know if you mean middle and I’ll reply again!)

anonymous asked:

Hey, really love your blog, want some more middle split stretches, particularly for my hips since they are pretty stiff and i feel like thats what is stopping my split from lowering further.. I currently like to do the straddle on the wall stretch.. any others? I tried the frog stretch but couldnt do it right/wasnt feeling the stretch..

Thank you!

One stretch that isn’t specifically for hips but may help your middle splits is to kneel, and then separate out your knees like this, then extend forwards and allow your chest to rest on the floor. 

There’s also another really good yoga one you can try that I love - but it’s really hard to explain and I can’t find any pictures or tutorials online - but I’ll try! You might want to try this out as you read because it will probably make more sense that way!

Sit cross legged on the floor with your left leg in front. Now move your left leg forward a bit because you don’t need that at the moment! Make sure your right shin is completely horizontal in front of you and make sure your foot is pointing forwards.

Now ‘pick up’ your left foot and if you can, place it inside your right elbow and hold it with the other hand for support (almost like you are holding a baby). Gently rock your left leg and feel the stretch and loosening in the joint. 

Then, place your left foot directly in front of your right knee on the floor. Your knees and feet should be in line with each other. 

Reach out in front of you and begin to extend forwards and allow your chest to come lower as you feel comfortable. 

Then do the same on the other leg. 

I really hope this makes sense for you - you may want to try it out as you read so you understand it. When you get it right you really feel your hips releasing. 

Good luck with your middle splits!

mebeingtypicalme asked:

Do you have any tips for making sure that someone doesn't drop off their flexibility related New Years Resolution? I'm trying to get my left and right leg splits by the end of 2012, and so far so good, but I'm afraid once school starts again I'll be too tired after homework and skating practice to spend 20 minutes stretching. Any tips? Thanks!

Ahh this is a good question!!

The most important thing is to get into a routine, so stretching becomes part of your normal after school program and you don’t just do it when you remember. It is a good idea to plan how you might do this now rather than when you’re all busy with the back-to-school madness. It will probably help you to set a specific point in your evening to stretch, you might decide to do your 20 minutes as soon as you get in from school before you start your homework (this might be a good way to relax!), or just before you go to bed. A good time is just after you have a shower because you’re warm! If you can manage it, you could always get up 20 minutes earlier a nice start to the day. If you think you will forget, it might help you to put a post-it note somewhere related to the time you chose, so you could put it on the desk where you do your work, or on your pillow. This will stop you forgetting until it becomes a habit.

You might also might want to collect some things that inspire you, you might be completely motivated to stretch now, but you may well not be when you’re busy doing exams or whatever. You might want to print out some pictures that will make you want to stretch - like Sasha Cohen doing her spiral for example and put it near to where you stretch. This will help remind you why you’re doing it! I have pictures of Marie-Agnes Gillot’s (ballet dancer) advert for Repetto that I cut out of a magazine by my bed and this helps me when I’m stretching!

You may even want to set a daily alarm for say 7pm (this only works if  you have a similar schedule every evening) and whenever it goes off you have to force yourself to stretch.

For the first month or so, you will just have to be really disciplined and force yourself to stretch everyday. Then, it will become a habit and you will get used to making time for it - just like you make time to eat your dinner or have a shower. 

Another good tip for when life gets busy and stretching is not your top priority, is to fit stretching around your daily home life. For example, do your left spiral while you’re brushing your top teeth and your right spiral while you’re brushing your bottom teeth, or if you’re doing some homework or on your computer while sitting on the floor - sit and stretch while you work, or if you’re watching TV - stretch. This should help you get in a little extra because there will probably be days when you don’t stretch.

Overall, be realistic - you will most likely not stretch everyday all year.  But do your best to make stretching a habit and hopefully you will get your splits - good luck with it and I hope this helps you!

anonymous asked:

How do you try to get a split? I hear stuff like "go as far as you can and go in a split the last 10 seconds". I can't just go in a split, duh. My body just blocks at some point and I can't push myself like 15 cm down out of the blue. Not even if someone pushes me down.

Hiya! This was something I really struggled with when I first started stretching too - when you’re a long way off stretching your splits can be really hard!

Your body will block because your muscles aren’t flexible enough yet to achieve the split position. If you did somehow push down 15cm - you would probably injury yourself quite severely. You have to take it slowly - and I mean really slowly. It could take 6 months to get those 15cm depending on how much you stretch. Also, pleeeease don’t get anyone to push you down further. It’s important that you never force stretches and you work gradually :)

To stretch the muscles you need for you split, you should definitely follow these stretches from my article:

When it comes to trying to go into the splits, I recommend getting a pillow, cushion, or a rolled up blanket, and put it on the floor in front of your knee while in this stretch:

Then, (after warming up and stretching) start slowly sliding down as far as you can go. What you want is for the cushion, pillow or blanket to be the height of your groin when you’re as low as you can go. This means you can relax a little more and allow your weight to sink into the cushion beneath you. This should make trying to sit in your splits a little more bearable, and soon you will start noticing that you can get lower. Make sure when you do this that you keep good form. Don’t twist your back leg and bend it like this. Keep everything square.

I also recommend sliding into your splits and trying to sit at the point where your body ‘blocks’. This can be super uncomfortable I know, and don’t hold it for too long, or you may find yourself recovering and unable to stretch for the next few days! Instead just try holding it for 5 deep breaths at the start. With each exhale, try to relax your muscles a little more. Again make sure you keep good floor and keep your back knee pressed into the floor.

I hope that this answers your question, let me know if you need anymore help! Good luck with your splits, and remember to be patient!

anonymous asked:

hi! Last year I ripped the muscle in my left butt area doing the splits and now for some reason that leg is really flexible but my right thigh is keeping me from doing either left or right splits, any ideas?

I suggest you start incorporating some stretches that specifically target your quads into your stretching routine. 

Here are a few, they’re all quite similar but should help you:

This is a really common stretch that I’m sure you’ll have done before. Stand on one leg and bend the other leg so that your foot is up to your bottom like this:

This is unlikely to give you a deep stretch but is a good one to start off with.

You can try a similar thing lying down which will give you a deeper stretch. Lie on your back and bend one of your legs as though you were kneeling (so that you are sitting on your foot). Keep the other leg straight. Let gravity pull your bent leg so it is closer to being flat on the floor.

Another stretch is to do bend your back leg up to your bottom while in the lunge position like this:

The final development is to go into your splits (don’t worry if they’re not flat) and bend your back leg up like in the lunge above. 

You can either hold it up with your hand or do your splits up against a wall and bend your back leg up against the back wall, like this

I hope this helps and good luck!

anonymous asked:

im not very flexible, i cant even do a split. what are some good stretches to do so i'll be able to achieve this and how long would it take?

Pretty much everyone has to work for their splits, so don’t worry that you don’t have them straight away :)

For the front splits, which I assume are the splits you’re aiming for, there are two basic stretches: the deep lunge and a hamstring stretch. I’ve explained how  to do these here. There is also a quads stretch you can do which is like the deep lunge but with your back foot up to your bottom like this:

Another important part of getting your splits is just sitting in them several times a day (30 seconds-1 minute after warming up and stretching). 

When you’re close to getting your splits, it’s helpful to go into your splits on a slippery floor in socks, this will help you slide down a little lower. You can also work on oversplits to make your splits more comfortable. 

The time it takes to get your splits varies hugely from person to person, depending on lots of things like dedication to stretching and current level of flexibility. It can take anywhere from a few months to years. If you are in good health, and have a reasonable level of flexibility currently (possible about 12 inches from the ground on your splits?) and you really commit to stretching, you may be able to get them in about 6 months. It really depends on how your body responds to stretching. The most important thing is to stretch safely, an injury from overstretching or not warming up properly will be a huge set back  and it isn’t worth it. 

I’ve posted a basic stretching routine for front splits here which you may find useful, and my splits Q&A page here might be too! 

I hope you find these stretches helpful and good luck with your splits - let me know how it goes! 

dustyphoenix asked:

Hey so I just started a fitness routine of cardio and strength training, but i'm not very flexible. can i go from having never done the splits to being able to do them? if so, how?

Hi! That’s awesome that you’re trying to improve your fitness :) 

And yes of course! I think there are actually very few people out there whose bodies would not let them do the splits, it may take people many years of dedicated stretching, but I think most could achieve it, and if you’re healthy enough to be doing cardio and strengthening then I’m sure you could!

The most important thing is that you have loads of patience and dedication. It may take a long time for you to get your splits flat and it can be frustrating.

It terms of how to get your splits, I have a series of stretches you can do which you can find here

At first you will find it hard knowing how much to push yourself, so stretch every other day for between a week and a fortnight. Soon you’ll start understanding your body better and what it can take. Then you can start stretching 5-6 days per week (20 mins a day if you can) but make sure you have a rest day. You may also find some of the other links here useful: the Q&A for the splits which contains all the questions I’ve answered on this topic.
You may find you have some more specific questions once you start stretching, feel free to drop by and ask if you do! I wish you lots of luck in your stretching for the splits :)

we-irish-run-seattle-deactivate asked:

What is a good amount of time each day to sit in the splits to try and get to the ground? Thanks!

Well it depends a lot on how comfortable the splits are for you at the moment. If you’re a long way off they can be really hard to hold so you don’t want to force yourself to sit in them for 10 minutes everyday. 

I would recommend that you first spend some time stretching for your splits (20 minutes ish) and then go into them for 1 minute (30 seconds if you can’t hold it for a minute). Then walk around, and go into them for another minute or 30 seconds. Then repeat this. It’s up to you how many reps you do, I suggest at least two, but you can do more if you want to - maybe try 4 or 5.

Hope this helps - good luck with your splits!

bigtopdreams asked:

so i can do the splits on the ground, and i can put my head on my knee while doing them, but i'm nowhere near being able to do them while standing (like stand on one leg, grab the other and put your foot by your head) or while lying on my back. are there any stretches or excercises to isolate the muscles for those abilities? or do i just need an even stronger normal split? thanks xxxx and i absolutely love your blog, so useful!

Aw thank you!!!

Well, firstly, the best way to really strengthen your splits is to do lots and lots of oversplits. You can start out just with something small, like a book or a pillow:

And then slowly, over time, start increasing the height of your over splits and start using things like chairs and steps.

This will make sure you have really strong splits so your flexibility won’t be limiting you when trying to do splits standing. You can also stretch your lying down splits by using a band to pull your up like this

Work on getting your knee right up to your face. 

You can also work on your flexibility for getting your splits while standing using a door frame or a wall like this

To be able to grab your foot and pull it to your head (heel stretch), you really just need to practice doing it over and over again. You can try grabbing your opposite foot (left foot with right hand) to get a stronger stretch too. I’ve posted some tips for the heel stretch on this page and here.

But, a huge part of doing your standing or lying down is strength not flexibility. The above stretches are important to make sure you have the flexibility, but you definitely will need to strengthen your muscles too. 

For lying down splits, you can do leg lifts from lying down. Just lie on your back with your legs straight in front and raise your leg up to 90 degrees and hold it. 

You can also do leg lifts for you standing up splits. How to do these depends on the type of standing split you want, do you want your leg to be in front of you, to the side, behind? Will you be in middle splits, front splits? It’s pretty easy to work out though, just lift your leg as you would to get into the position but do not go all the way (you are working on strength not flexibility remember!). You can then either work on reps (lifting your leg up and down as many times as you can) or on holding the leg in that position for as long as you can. I recommend you work on both. 

I hope this helps you - good luck!

anonymous asked:

I scrolled through previously asked questions but didn't find anything for this, so anyways I've got my splits down but I have trouble squaring(that how you spell it?lol) my hips! I try twisting to the opposite side(not to the side that's ''open'' if that makes sense) and kind of pushing my hips forward but I still can't seem to square my hips properly! Tips?

Hi! Thank you for checking the previous questions, that’s really kind of you!

Firstly, you should know that it is very difficult to get your hips perfectly square, and in many sports being off square is ok as long as it isn’t too extreme. Try looking in a mirror in your splits to work out how much you’re twisting, if it’s not too far off square, don’t worry about it too much.

When you’re in your splits, try holding your arms out to the side and keeping your shoulders square. This may, in turn, stop you overly twisting your hips. 

You can also try going into your splits from standing, slide your legs down and when your hips start to twist, stop. Don’t let yourself go any further down.

Also, if you bend up your back leg, it can help you stay square. Take a look at this photo:

Finally, you might find that over splits will help you, so try stretching those too.

I hope this helps and good luck :)

curiousgazelle-deactivated20121 asked:

Hi, I just want to say that I LOVE your blog! I was just wondering whether you have any more streches to get our middle splits? I can already do the butterfly strech with my heels right in front of my butt with my knees touching the floor. I can also do the straddle strech with almost my whole torso on the floor. But I just can't get my middle splits. Help?

Aw thank you so much! 

Firstly, work on your straddle more. Try to get your legs wider and wider so that they eventually become a straight line. If you can do that, then you just need to push yourself up into the middle splits!

In terms of stretches other than the ones you’ve mentioned, try doing your straddle up against the wall like this:

Also try the V-sit and the frog stretch. There are pictures of these in a reply I wrote here.

You can also try doing your middle splits up the wall. Put some socks on so you slide more, stand in the door frame side on and push your leg up the door frame (like middle splits) until you feel a stretch. If you keep practicing this your groin will get closer and closer to being flat up against the door frame.

I hope that this makes sense (hard to describe sometimes haha!) and that some of these stretches help. Keep sitting in your splits and be patient, best of luck!

spontaneous-girl asked:

Hey, so I am really close to doing splits on both legs however my gymnastics coach has demanded I get down in both legs by Thursday. I have been stretching everyday but I think I am mentally blocking myself from going down. Do you have any tips? Thanks!

Hi! Firstly, be careful that you don’t injure yourself trying to get your splits for a deadline :)

It’s really helpful if you to engage with your breathing when you stretch. If your breathing isn’t relaxed, your muscles will tense up and ‘block’. Try to sit in your splits and breathe slowly and deeply, which will also help relax your mind. You probably have an awareness in the back of your mind that you have this deadline for your splits, and this mental stress, no matter how small, is being transferred into tension in your body. Breathing will help you to relax, and some calm music might too. This page is about breathing in yoga and it might help you:

Try to mentally relax your muscles as you exhale. I remember reading a comment from a dancer who imagined that her muscles were hot cheese that just melted to the ground. Sometimes this imagery can help your brain let your muscles relax. 

If breathing, relaxing and imagery doesn’t help you - you might prefer to distract yourself entirely from what you’re doing. You could  put on a tv show that you like or phone one of your friends to talk to while you are stretching your splits. You might find that taking your mind of the pressure will stop your head interfering with your body!

I hope that some of these techniques work for you, if you manage to really relax, I’m sure you’ll see a difference. Let me know if you’re still having trouble!