spaces and dots

For a long time,
I’ve been trapped in a rounded cell
Where stillness is bearable.
Breathing spaces,
Inhaling emptiness.
There was home, solitude.
All the moulded thoughts
From yesterdays’ broken silverwares
Were feeding my core.

Did I move?
I found you there.

Six days of havoc
Against the spaces of my helm
Then, I surrendered.
Did I see it coming?
I could,
Yet, least I didn’t expect
A nymph stealing my past
And bringing drizzles of hope;
Pouring over my laments,
Washing away my burnt tears.
You crashed and created me.
You freed me, I fell for you.

It didn’t take time to know you.
It didn’t need word to tell you.
It didn’t give chance to continue.
All my desires to have you.
How I ache to hold you.
The silence and the gaps.
Your smile and being simply you.
And me, a soul unworthy.

These spaces
Are unbearable.

I could still remember how she smiles luminously with her mellow lips. It was like I could tell from her dreamy eyes her invitation for a kiss. But it didn’t matter, because I knew I was reading her wrong; or I was lacking in courage. She is the most beautiful unscented flower I ever found, yet, her vibrant fragrance was a temptation; a desire that made my shallow mind unsound. I could still remember how I fell for her. If only I could tell her those words. Those words.


Day 04 - a song from this year that makes you sad

"Suus," hands down.  I listened to it a lot during the days following my cousin’s death.

Më ler ni të qaj… qaj… qaj…
Se këtë gjë mas te miri di ta bëj tani
Se këtë gjë mas të miri di të bëj tani