Queer as Folk 30 Day Challenge

DAY 1 - Your favorite season

Season 3. Do I really need to explain?

  • Everyone had perfect hair this season, especially Justin omfg
  • Justin/Ethan break up
  • Brian/Justin get back together
  • The election/Stockwell thing
  • Michael and Ben take in Hunter
  • it had some bad things (like Ted’s addiction s/l, ect) but overall it was a great season, with a perfect ending!

season 4 is a close second

  • Likes: Brian starting Kinnetik. Drew and Emmett. Ted getting back on track and works for Brian. Ted and Emmett rekindle their love and friendship. The whole turning RAGE into a movie and Justin going to Hollywood. the Liberty ride.
  • Dislikes: the Pink Posse (although it was understandable why they did what they did) and Justin shaving his hair, Brian’s cancer, Vic’s death

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Queer as Folk 30 Day Challenge

Day 26 — Tell your QAF story. (First watch, how much it means to you, etc…)

Well around late summer/fall 2011, about a few months after i joined tumblr, i starting seeing gifs of two guys (brian/justin) on my dash and remember thinking “omg they are so cute, where is this from?” So i was intrigued and looked up the show (i actually thought this was a new show at first since i kept seeing it on my dash, so i was disappointed to find it was old and had ended 6 years ago), watched some clips on Youtube, then started watching the whole thing and instantly fell in love. And now I just have all these feels.