know his anniversary was a while ago but on PZNT’s site and he posted a calder piece and honestly love his work and most large mobile pieces. seriously dig the balance the proportions the colors. yeah man my type of sculptures. 

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After 10 months to the day of having no phone, finally buckled down, among other reasons to have a working camera. It seems fitting that between being back on the grid as far as communication goes for the first time in a long time and being on the grid as far as location goes having just flown into New York, that this would be the first photo and first post in a while. Along with having a camera-phone, internet and endless sources of interest in New York, please expect more regular and more interesting posts in the near future. Thank you and as always, original content will be posted to the ‘just PZNT’ page on the blog.

I was thrilled to do a google search early this morning and to see a Calder mobile where “google” would usually be (or course the mobile was in google colors). Scrolling over the image revealed that today is Alexander Calder’s 113 birthday!

My first introduction to Calder’s work was in the 3rd or 4th grade and I can still remember making a wire Chameleon as my project for class and having to sign my name in wire. A couple of years later, SFMOMA showed a retrospective of Calder’s work that my Mom took a friend and me to see. The exhibit was an extremely comprehensive, multiple floor collection of Calder’s work, and we must have spent four or five hours looking at his mobiles, sculptures and wire creations. The most stunning aspect of his work (although I doubt he would use the word ‘work’) to me was that it moved! The idea that much of his art, such as his circus shows, were meant to be played with really brought to life the idea that art should be enjoyed. In today’s hyper critical world, it’s easy to be a critic or an analyst, or at best an in the art world an enthusiast or appreciator, but here is someone who actually had fun, real fun, in making art and then with the art!

This year, I went to the SFMOMA on my birthday (oddly enough with my Mom again (and brother this time)). I walked into the atrium, looked up and there was a this Calder mobile!

(More to come in a later post but it’s time for sleep and that seemed like a good place to break).

Finished this ‘outlaw’ scarf last night as the first completed piece of PZNT knitwear. (Texture created by blending white and black 2nd hand yarns)

Several of you have asked if I sell my pieces and up until now the answer has been no… However, I’m trying to add 440 dollars to the 10 dollars in my one non-overdrafted bank account fast in order to book a flight to a friend’s wedding (3 weeks away) and to see a friend who’s wedding I had to miss this year because I couldn’t afford to go. In this circumstance, I am happy to make a duplicate of any of my jewelry (and some of my clothes) posted on the JUST PZNT STUFF section of the blog or to sell my originals if they’re around. If anyone is interested in anything, please send me a message or an email at pznt.lab@gmail.com and we can continue the conversation that way.

That aside, thank you to everyone who has supported and shared the work I have posted so far, it’s been a genuine pleasure receiving and reading your responses and messages!