Ths beautiful baby girl is only six months old and growing wonderfully. She sheds often and is handled at least every other day, but I try and handle her at least once a day, even if just for fifteen minutes.She does well with me walking around the house and her on my shoulders, around my neck or around my wrist. She’s never tried to strike once. She eats every time she’s given food so she’s an all around healthy, well behaved, “tame” young snake who would be wonderful for someone just starting out with snakes or for a kid who will have adult supervision at all times.

Spayed/Neutered: YES
Vaccinated: YES

Located in: Chandler ARIZONA
Shelter: Kennels of Compassion Animal Rescue
Address: Chandler Blvd. & McClintock Rd.
Contact: TEXT Kaiti at 520-561-0031
ID #: Mention; adoption for snake and found on Tumblr
Hours: Text to arrange a time to meet

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They HATE ball pythons, if only because they’re so common in the pet trade. They will rain down hell on people who kill wild snakes, but they think someone feeding a ball python to another snake that likely eats rodents just fine, WHILE THE BP IS ALIVE, is totes funny. These people are elitist scum who have no respect for reptiles, and delight in telling stories about people abusing their ball pythons.

What’s the difference in feeding a rodent vs. feeding a ball python, you ask? NOBODY ENJOYS KILLING AND FEEDING RODENTS AND STILL HAS RESPECT IN THE REPTILE WORLD. 

So please, do me a favor, and spread the awareness about these monsters. I don’t want to see this sort of behavior tolerated from anyone, much less a so called reptile-loving group.

I don’t ask this often, but please SIGNAL BOOST!


Reptiday was an all around SUCCESS

Today was absolutely wonderful. We met so many great people and got to really talk about the Big Constrictors in Florida.

A lot of time and energy was dedicated to lugging this gentle giant around. Faith was so great. This was her first show and she couldn’t have been better. Kids and adults alike were amazed and fascinated with her. She was pulling me around for a little while but she was great while out and around a lot of people and that’s all that matters. Matt even got a nose boop in!

She is one of the best advocates for Burmese Pythons in the State of Florida.

Indian Python - Python molurus

Python molurus (Boidae) is a species of huge pythons which range across the lower half of the Asian continent. There are two recognized subspecies separated by geographic range and certain physical characteristics: P. molurus molurus, can grow to lengths of about 7.6 m; and P. molurus bivitattus (the Burmese Python), which stays smaller, reaching a maximum of about 6.4 m.

A recently published study (August, 2014) on behavior in wild Burmese pythons has shown that these impressive pythons can be trained to accept extremely small food items, associate a stimulus with such rewards via operant conditioning and perform contingent operant response to gain access to a food reward.

References: [1] - [2]

Photo credit: ©insaneDynamix | Locality: India (2013)

How to leverage open packages like those provided by the Python community? [reddit]

My background is in biomedical engineering, mainly with regards to mathematical models of the physics in the human body (CFD in particular). I have some experience with writing computer programs used for running models (in Fortran and in, dare I say it, Matlab). Almost always I write the code myself.

Recently, I’ve become more broadly interested in scientific computing. When I look online, I see tons and tons of open source packages useful for scientific applications (e.g. Python modules, but also R packages). There are clever people working together on providing extremely useful functionality for a wide range of scientific disciplines.

It is clear to me that there there is a community with potential that I can tap into. However, it seems a daunting task to understand what these packages do and, moreover, to eventually incorporate them in my work.

Can anyone share tips, their experiences, websites, books, et cetera that may help me on my way out of my cave?

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