Hello. It has come to my attention that everytime I post artistic nudes without tagging #nsfw I lose at least one follower. That is probably for the better, and I have no plans on changing. Meanwhile, here is something more calming on the nerves, for all those times you made a nice driven key animation and want to have the same thing on the other side of the face. You may have to correct if for your own naming convention (yellow parts). I will leave you with one question; if I learn Python will that make me a parseltongue???

import pymel.core as pm

SelJNTSLeft = pm.ls (sl = 1)

for SelJNTLeft in SelJNTSLeft:

    SelJNTRight = pm.PyNode(SelJNTLeft.nodeName ().replace(“_lf”,”_rt”))

    TransLeft = SelJNTLeft.getTranslation()

    RotLeft = SelJNTLeft.getRotation()



1/11 12:27 PM. I’m back at school and it’s been a slow uptake on my study game but I am finally back. My Bose Bluetooth speaker I got for Christmas is my new favorite thing. This Python programming class is probably going to kick my butt but I’m ready for it. Protip: color code your highlights, it makes it much easier when you studying for tests. Spotify playlist: New Music Tuesday.