Here’s How To Handle A 100-Pound Python


So as I said, I’d make a masterpost on prices, weights, etc.

to all those who missed it I need to make some room for later acquisitions and upgrade for what I already have.

  • baby4((pinstripe))- 524g                               $175 Female
  • baby5((pinstripe))- 382g                               $175 Female
  • baby7((pinstripe))- 373g                                $175 Female
  • Nymeria ((normal))- 957g                              $30 Male
  • rescue ((normal))- 862g                                 $30 Male
  • baratheon((normal))- 1129g                           $30 Male
  • Melisandre ((jungle carpet)) - 3508g               $150 Female

All of them are feeding every 10-15 days on appropriately sized rats. ((Melisandre has been going between medium and large rats though.))

I will not ship any time soon, so if you are in the area  and want to pick one up let me know. ((I live in Winona, Minnesota. the southeastern corner of the state, near Wisconsin and Iowa. About 2-2 1/2 hours from the twin cities))

I AM ALSO WILLING TO LISTEN TO OFFERS. So don’t think that these prices are set in stone.

feel free to ask questions if you have any!

EDIT: I also want to point out that rescue should not be considered for breeding. Hence he is a rescue.




Trying to take a photo with this little noodle is almost impossible! <3

Albert (pictured) came from a rescue center, but lots of reptiles this holiday season are still without their forever homes. Donate today to help reptiles in need! Every single dollar counts!! Donation is quick and easy, and funds will go directly to food, medicine and housing for abandoned and injured reptiles. Plus you can get great prizes for donating! We currently have just a few days left before the fundraiser ends - please help us reach the goal! :)-<

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