Roman was transporting a bunch of Atlesian Paladins on that train. Paladins that are made of metal. And that train was full of people that use weapons, which are also made of metal. Even the train was made of metal. Cinder’s the only person who doesn’t use a metal weapon.

All I’m saying is that the entire story to RWBY would be resolved real quickly if Pyrrha was the main character.

Ok swampertqueen how about this…

Pyrrha and Yang are both competing in a combat tournament sponsored by the Schnee Dust Company (which is why Weiss isn’t competing too). It’s single person combat and they end up having to face each other in the final.

Weiss is watching nervously from the stands with her family. Her father is asking her who does she think will win (he doesn’t know that they are both her girlfriends)… but how is she supposed to be able to answer that?! How is she supposed to decide who to cheer for? What if one of them gets injured? They’re both capable fighters… what if they both get injured?? Weiss is a wreck of emotions… but she can’t do or say anything about it in front of her family…

Pyrrha's Mom

Another thing I just heard on the assorted RWBY Volume 2 commentaries.  The lead-up to Pyrrha’s fight with CRDL was supposed to include some flashbacks to Pyrrha and her mother, but they ended up cutting it, but “we’ll return to that later”.  Now I’m really interested where they are going with the relationship between them.