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         “♪      I know you I walked with you once upon a dream ~ I know you the gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam ♬     ” It was one of her favorite song. Probably the only one she was so familiar with since it’s the only song she could see herself singing to in her dreams. She couldn’t remember much about it, since lately the fragments didn’t appear as much, but the princess remembered how the melody goes and continued on humming the rest of the tune as she carelessly walked around the busy city street.

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That was the first thing that she noticed the moment she detected an unfamiliar presence within her range of senses. The aqua phoenix immediately turned her head towards the said person, amber hues landed on the male stranger and her movement almost frozen in place at the strong sense of power radiating from the figure. Not human. Definitely someone that had a higher blood within him as she noted the intense level of heat pooling inside. For a creature of water like she was, the phoenix was confident that her sense wasn’t wrong. A spirit of water like her would recognize the spirit of fire anywhere. But this one seemed a little dimmed in aura. A hybrid? Maybe. A silent glance was all she offered as she wasn’t sure it would be a good idea to approach the said male. Fire and water didn’t hold well together, after all, yet she only hoped that he wasn’t someone of an enemy.


Double jabs of fists landed upon the heavy sandbag that swung at the corner of the self-made mini gym at the back of the quiet bookstore. It was still barely dawn and as per his usual morning routine, the youngest of the Zhang was already up and completing his usual round of exercises and Martial Art practices. Copper hues kept upon the inanimate object  visualizing his opponent instead as his bandaged fists released the swift and precise blows, making the small tinkle of his single bronze earring and his tied up hazel hair bobbed with his movements.

But ah. Wait. A sound—

The hazel-haired paused as piercing honey-colored hues turned to his side and his eyebrows furrow. He had been a little on edge lately no thanks to the passing incident that had his beloved hurt, so the young man is even more so on his feet as of late. The Blue Moon Bookstore might just seem like a dingy old place with antique books though little do most know, it holds more than one realizes— things of far more value. So security was certainly something important.

He grabbed his shoulder towel from the bench and wiped his slightly glistening face before heading out of the small gym and upon walking down the small corridor towards the store, he tapped on one of the wooden doors just next to the gym and a small humming noise could be heard from the inside. Silently, he walked to the corner where the staircase leading to the living quarters were, peeking in slight at the store’s entrance wondering if there was anyone of threat approaching the quiet store. 


There are people in the shop!

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Finishing the last of her strawberry shortcake, the teen looked up from her counter as she noticed some people entering her shop. Well, she doesn’t seem to mind since she’s just finished her snack as she greeted them with a delightful chirp in her tone. “Welcome to the Star Courier Express! How may I help you?”